Monday, 16 May 2022

Birmingham Bull Sid

Wiped out by Covid at the start of April gave way to a late entry to Birmingham Half Marathon. Ran with the intention of enjoying it. Lots of laughs, some singing, loads of hi fiving and £300 raised in a week for Birmingham Children's Hospital research and treatment of child brain tumours.

The link is here if you feel an urge to donate Justgiving Birmingham Bull Sid

I have run it a few times but the lumps down in Bournville still surprise me. Support was great for the majority of the course. The last quarter of a mile was heavy with supporters but disappointingly quiet. Quiet enough to elicit my best Jack Grealish impression as I crossed the line. All in all probably the most I have enjoyed a half marathon in American Football kit!

It went a bit like this

Thursday, 13 January 2022

How to Lose Friends and Influence People

I know you hoped to have seen the last
Of my random Lockdown ditties
And indeed you had
Then Matt was caught fondling titties

Not in itself a terrible thing
As long as they belong to your wife
Unfortunately in this instance
His dalliance will cause him strife

His tongue had slipped down Gina's throat
In contravention of Covid Rules 
Another bastard politician
Taking us for fools

He was booted from his day job
Of securing money for his mate
If we never saw the smarmy git again
It would be a pleasant fate

For regular folk it's been harrowing
Restrictions becoming the norm
But for the political uber class
Well they've been partying until dawn

They haven't just broken all the rules
That they themselves put in place
They had a fucking knees up
And are now laughing in our face

When they're caught they offer
Profound apologies
Not because they broke the rules
But because the dirty little bastards got caught and they think that by offering up a crocodile teared sacrificial Allegra will hide the menagerie of criminality that festers in the anal cavity of our shit filled political hallways smeared with left over adulterous jizz leakage and caked in a layer of Columbia's finest marching powder smoked and mirrored by a complicit media whilst at EXACTLY the same time we are asked to shoulder an extortionately huge and crippling financial, psychological and emotional burden that few generations have been asked to shoulder before. 

At a time when a boy is told
He has to stay outside
His mother the only one allowed in
To be at his dying brother's side

The invites were sent out
Keeping it low key
Only 100 of the fuckers allowed
To a sesh in the posh marquee

Don't think for a second it was limited
To the dates we know about
The 15th and the 20th May
Were just the start of the rout

They partied twice in November
But that was an aperitif
5 more in December
They need a good kick in the teeth

Fabricant has slithered onto the box
And justified the lot
Apparently they've had it hard
Nothing to see here, no rot

Often one of these ditties
Is written over time
And many different indiscretions
Can get lost in dubious rhyme

This lot though - unbelievable
Must be held to account
They deserve no less than stringing up*
None left for a recount

*this is not a call to violence, stringing up or even atomic wedgying of the aforementioned political uber class just in case anyone is so mixed up by everything that they may construe it as one.

Let's step away from politics
We're never gonna win
£300,000 to level a driveway
Someone's fuckin laffin 

We can always turn to sport
Our idols to look up to
Unless one of them is Djokovic
Because he's a fucker as well

Either faked a PCR
To get round immigration control
Or spread COVID like a bastard
To maximise his bankroll

I shouldn't wish bad on anyone
But I hope in the first round
He breaks his million pound legs
His career buried in the ground

Don't even mention Formula One
There's no solace to be found there
A year of whitewashing dodgy regimes
Ended in despair

After however many races 
The regulations went in the bin
The race ref played a joke
And made it 'next goal to win'

At least we have the Royals
On them we can depend
Queenie this year goes Platinum
A nation on the mend

But wait, hang on, what's that
It's not quite all right
One's mates with Ghislaine
And he's rumoured to like it tight

So much so he no longer sweats
Which is quite a length to go
To avoid the inevitable conclusion
When you're linked to a hung paedo

Integrity is everything 
Until money is involved
Then everyone fucks everyone else
It will never be resolved

It's not all doom and gloom
But if everything is down to fate
There's no fucking hope whatsoever
Just look at The United States

Monday, 20 December 2021

Marvels 2022

I've tried to pen a ditty

About Mich's run club

But found it quite difficult

To avoid a personal snub

To include everyone

In a review of the last year

Is practically impossible

And I'll miss out on a cheer

Luckily I'm fearless

So here it is I'll have a go

Mich's Marvels 2021

All you need to know

We want to keep on running

To try and keep us sane

When all around us flounder

Engulfed in the Covid flame

From what I see of all of you

There's hope for this world still

A club of support and encouragement

Like a dosed up magic pill

There's the comfort of the Definite's

Like Donna with a moan

Or Lucie not keen on my new route

And Georgina on the throne

There's pride in your achievements

Too many for me to list

From Angie and the beginners

To Helen doing London pissed

Rob got his marathon done

Ellie quick before destroying her knee

Meg running angry fast 

And Jayne a 10k pb

Everyone is welcome

Some come and some may go

We hope its only temporary

Whichever way the flow

An original returned when Lou came back

A swap with The Stallion who's been missed

Lisa crocked her knee long term

We hope it get's fully fixed

The rest of us have tried to crack on

The regulars keep on coming

Kev and Linz and Holly and Jayne

Make it look easy, this running

It seems you'll do whatever you're told

Cat will always be merry

Even sprinting up a hill

For orange segments from Terry

Not everyone is born to run

Some are more Dolphin

Try and keep up with Sally

When she is having a swim

Marvel's aren't just Tamworth

We come from far and wide

The Vicky's from Nuneaton

One armed John from Humberside

(he's not, he's from Kent but it doesn't rhyme)

The fancy dress has been awesome

Jo and Mel don't need an excuse

Reindeers and Elves a plenty

And barely any abuse

Apart from the odd local scrote

Trying to ruin our run as a pack

When the local low life strike

Each Marvel has each other's back

Nicola and Emma a formidable pair

So are Alison and Gill

It's funny how you all buddy up

No one is left standing still

Elley and Kirsty are always first

In the coffee house after

It's often the best part of a run

Being together surrounded by laughter

And that's a big part of why

Mich brought us all to the club

It's not just the fitness, the making us buff

Its the friendships, the sharing a hug

We all run for various reasons

But mainly just to stay sane

While we all battle life's shitstorms

As Marvel's we ease the pain

I make no promises for '22

I hope there will be a fix

But The Marvels will be out for a run

Every Monday and Wednesday at 6.

Sunday, 26 September 2021

Equinox (slight return) 2021

I had written this blog and was finishing it off when I learned that Johnny's Dad passed away on Tuesday. The day before Johnny posted this on the group and so I felt this blog can only begin with the man himself reflecting on the event. Also I think I will be treading on no toes at all to say that our hearts go out to Johnny and Laura and all of the family at this time. Heartfelt condolences and love from all of us Equinoxers.

On a personal note I have to applaud Johnny and Laura and their team for a continually phenomenal event. Add to that the intense family pressure in the lead up and over the weekend of the event it makes the achievement even more outstanding. They accommodate, bring together and include whilst at the same time spreading a lot of love. That's a special talent and I hope you feel it coming back in bucket loads.

Johnny Nicol

"They think its all over. It is now (for this year anyway), other than having to empty and sort my van and event trailer but that will have to wait until Wednesday as me and Laura have a sofa day on Tuesday!

This was personally my hardest year to date both physically and mentally. Other than having a huge impact on our business Covid has not really had an impact on me personally until the last 2 weeks. Kids testing positive meant I had to move out of the house from last Saturday to ensure I didn't catch it off them while praying that Laura would be able to stay negative (we all know Laura is the brains and I just do what I am told!). My Dad was then taken into hospital and also confirmed positive followed by a positive test for my mum.

Luckily Laura joined me for the weekend after testing negative all week and ran the event as well as ever after dealing with everything including the kids all week.

It is always lovely to hear praise for the event and what it means to you all (I have just finished reading all the FB and insta posts and as usual got a little something in my eye causing a slight leak) but seriously you guys are amazing and make the event what it is. The constant cheering and support for each other as runners and those that volunteer to marshal is something I have never witnessed at any other event so give yourself a pat on the back. It was great seeing so many of you again after a break and I hope you keep supporting us and come back next year for #onemorelap 

As always a massive thank you to my team, all the marshals, the contractors , sponsors, supporters and my wonderful wife Laura Nicol who amazes me with how organised and prepared she always is and puts up with me when I'm not on form."


Equinox (slight return)

I was stood alongside the barriers on the start finish straight. The lights were focused on the events village. Sharp dots of sparkly light littered the camp horizon and the bob and weave of torches lit the grass as they approached and left the village. I felt unusually calm as I took in the atmosphere. An atmosphere denied of us in 2020 and disrupted by a late break out of Hospital in 2019. It was a pure moment of clarity. 

I was focused on the crowd inside and outside the tent that would be Saturdays massage tent. Tonight it was The Detroits' gig tent and it was oozing Motown and Northern Soul. The first set was reaching it's climax and was to be followed by the Beer Run as an aperitif for the second set when the generator conked out. Silence replaced the thumping bass and drums, gasps and groans in place of the soaring lyrics and rhythmic guitar as darkness replaced the dancing disco lights. 

While Johnny and his crew were working on the generator The Detroits' saxophonist, Diane, pierced the awkward yet expectant silence with an impromptu rendition of One Step Beyond by Madness. As the crowd joined in with Diane that moment, for me, became the moment that Equinox returned. I am sure the song choice was pure fluke but the title and the band just seemed entirely Equinox.

For the first time in a long time all was well with the world. Michelle was lost in her musical moment, Equinox was back, Ellie was ready to run, we were surrounded by Poppyfielders, Marvels and the Equinox family and I was almost certainly going to avoid a DNS.

Equinox is special to me. Don't ask me why or how because if I knew I would bottle it and save the world with it. For me, ignore the Morphsuits, the American Football kit, the foolery, the stupidity, and I am blessed with an overwhelming level of stupidity, it's just about bringing a focus to the cause. It's about bringing a need to your attention and raising as much as we can to help kids fight brain tumours. Birmingham Children's Hospital is on my skirt and every penny raised goes to the cause. Why? So kids like Poppy can be 18 years old and run the opening lap of Equinox. Without BCH, simply put, she wouldn't be here today.

Running around a field in the middle of the night in a Morphsuit with American Football pads won't buy a colour brain scanner or a High Dependency Unit bed but your generosity will. You can make a difference. Sponsor me on the link below if you think you can and the cause deserves it (it does) or you think the challenge does.

Solo Morph for BCH

Equinox 24 Run

My Equinox began with a late fitness test about 11am. This consisted of a walk to the loos and back with some skipping, heel raises and push offs. The achilles didn't hurt. The other ankle didn't hurt. The plan was to start and do a lap.

Malcolm Hill got me round the first half as this 13st of junk food began to slow roast. The recipe called for a basting of deep heat, wrap in Morphsuit, cook at 25 degrees Celsius for 24 hours and check periodically to repeat basting and rehydrate. Pirate Shaun got me round the second half as we entertained ourselves reminiscing about Outlaw's gone by.

Second lap went relatively well after stopping for a water from the Emmie Lou crew at the top of the field. Hannah Yoga got me round the second lap. An achilles issue had blighted her training and she had offered advice to me in the build up. She marches faster than I run and she went on to smash 13 laps! It was really hot. So much so that the sun on my back heated up the Morphsuit zip line and burned into my back!

Third lap I shared with Pirate Shaun and Spidey I think although whilst we're only 18 miles in at this point it is all becoming a blur. Dusk was beginning to creep in as this lap finished and whilst the fresh Morphsuit was welcome the American Football pads were proving a hinderance. Next lap would be a Head Torch lap.

I ate well before lap 4 and whilst I can't remember anything at all about this lap I think it went relatively well.

It must have done because I started Lap 5 in a positive mood. I made the conscious decision to walk all of this lap as it was just too difficult and dangerous to tackle the course in the Morphsuit in the dark. I spoke aloud the lap mantra of "Strong, Pain Free, Forward Motion". This seemed to work quite well. I danced across the bottom of the field to Ol' Dirty Bastard or some other similar gangster rapper as it blared out from track side shattering the illusion of calm only usually disturbed by the hounds or the ducks.

Lap 6 started at midnight after another chilled banana and Hula Hoop snack. Almost certainly the same nutrition strategy as early pace setter Adam Holland. The high of lap 5 soon became the very low of lap 6. My eyes struggled to stay open while battling the pressure of the Morphsuit on my eyelids. My vision was down to somewhere in the region of 10% and I found myself stopping to wait for a runner to pass so I could get an idea for the route. I was veering a little to the left or right. Claire Sibley stopped me at the Crossroads to check I was OK as some runners who had past me earlier were concerned. I assured Claire I was fine but asked for her help to pee. She was a perfect clothes horse holding my phone, jacket, top shirt, t shirt and unzipping the Morphsuit down to my waist. I nipped into trap 3 for a wee taking care not to pee in the dangling Morphsuit hood. Claire set me off on my way and I think in my head, at this point, I had given up,

The lap took 3 hours. I took a break and had a trackside power nap. This turned into a 4 hour sleep justified by not wanting to take risks and /or overdo it on already dodgy ankles. It's easy to justify slackery. I can always continue if I'm mentally strong enough. The reality was that I wasn't. Not this time. A coach friend of mine explained the uncool of a DNF. You feel like shit. You Give up. You feel better again. It's the easy choice. I made that choice.

When I woke at 8am I was going to support to the end. By 9am I was back in the Morpshuit and American Football pads to get #onemorelap done. I did and I got to run and walk and chat with some wonderful people. You know who you are but I am not risking a name check for fear of missing someone out. I had to preface each answer to the "what lap you on" question with "I have cheated a bit with a sleep". I didn't care and I've not beaten myself up. In many ways I was lucky to start and very lucky for the day not to be over after one lap. 7 is the best I could do in the circumstances surrounding me. I learned a lot, I witnessed a shit load of awesome and I absorbed the wonderfulness around me.

I ran with every solo I've run with before, some who have since passed away, I ran with those that couldn't make it this year, I ran with a full heart for those closest to me and I ran in memory. I achieved loads more than I had a right to expect but less than I had (unrealistically) hoped. #RunByMySide

Equinox, for me, is as much about the wonderfulness of everyone around me as it is about fundraising. The essence is the collective strength to pull us all round. Here's your Equinox, your causes, your experience in your words.

Your Equinox

Michelle Darlaston aka Mich, Lead Singer of The Detroits, Michy D, Titch, Mrs Brightside and also, for her sins, my much better half.

"After the disappointment of 2019 when I wasn’t able to run at Equinox24, I was ridiculously excited to be able to take part this year! From 8pm on Friday night when The Detroits kicked the party atmosphere off it’s been a weekend full of fun. Thank you to my band mates for being their usual brilliant selves and ensuring that everyone had a great night, despite a couple of power failures! As always, Team Poppyfields were amazing. A few solo runners, (including my incredible husband who makes the task even more difficult by wearing a morph suit) most of who were dealing with injuries, completed a seriously impressive number of laps each (these are 10km brutal laps too!) 2 teams pushed themselves to their limits to get as many laps as they could do! My team of 5 made it to 22 laps, which means we now hold the Team Poppyfields Team record. Great team, absolutely ace bunch. This year was extra special because it was the first year a group of Michy’s Marvels took part 6 of my ace runners made up the team entry and, wow, they did well! A few others took on solo places and worked tirelessly to get those laps completed. We also had quite a few taking part in the 2 separate 10km events over the same course. All of them were fabulous! I am a very proud coach. Can’t forget the fab support crew we had this year! Thank you to Daz, Nick, Ted and Carol (our amazing chef/baker) for keeping us going! It’s been a weekend crammed with laughs, determination, pride and admiration. Thank you to Laura and Johnny for another amazing event, to Glenn and his team for capturing the event so well with their photography skills, to all do the marshals and volunteers for making sure things ran smoothly, to Belinda for preventing me from resembling Bonnie Tyler all  weekend, to all of the competitors for being a pleasure to share the course with and, finally, to all of my wonderful friends I got to spend the weekend with. Your support throughout the event was incredible and I loved being able to share the experience with you. The legs are moaning a bit this evening, it appears they aren’t particularly impressed with being made to run 40km in a short space of time. Memories from this weekend will last a lifetime"

Ellie Darlaston aka Elle Belle, Bellie Boo, Ellie Bellie Boo Baa and lifetime sufferer as my daughter.

"Another great Equinox weekend. Everyone from Team Poppyfields completely smashed it and the atmosphere around camp and on the course was just unmatched. Couldn’t be prouder of our small team, setting a new Poppyfields team record of 22 laps! The best weekend with the best people, as always. We all pushed ourselves to our limits this weekend to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Please read our story and donate if you can".


Caroline Carty

"This year I completed two very slow laps as I have an ongoing foot issue. So I walked both and took one of my sons each time. I also completed a dark lap setting off as the sun set. So that was a personal challenge for me. It was so nice to be joined by sons each lap too. Having them experience that hill and the whole equinox vibe."

Louise Darrington

"I got really emotional as I came in after my first lap. There was music playing, kids and dogs running around having fun, people shouting encouragement, the usual brilliant Equinox atmosphere. And I suddenly thought of Boris's words, "YOU MUST STAY AT HOME". It was amazing to see us getting back out there again, and just how resilient we are x"

Kirsty Gilbert

"Wonderful family atmosphere, time spent with friends, above all support of like minded lunatics who just love a challenge x"

Rik Hill

"Definitely should be a shout out to all the Marshalls and event crew, they absolutely make this event! Discos in the night, constant support and all round positivity! Massive shout out to Glenn Curley and his crew who spend 24hrs taking pictures of knackered runners then give us the photos for free! The teams who sit up through the night and support everyone, never feel so much love at event compared to equinox. The whole atmosphere is what makes this event and makes people return year after year.

The long time originals who have taken part in this event have made life long friends, we may only see each other once a year at equinox but we can count on them to have our backs and support us. The new people at equinox are quickly adopted into the family and now return every year. Let’s admit it, the course is horrible, the hill kills us, but we all know every year we will return for an amazing weekend!"

Daniel Richardson

"This was my first year at anything like this i did the day 10km and night 10km very friendly and well supported had a problem with my air mattress not fitting in my tent somebody opposite me noticed and lent me a single one for the weekend will definitely be back next year"

Tanya Knight

"Even as a solo runner, Equinox24 is very much a team event.  Whilst I ran much of the event on my own the camaraderie, friendship & good wishes is very much what Spurs you on.  I had a lovely chat to a team member (Anna) whilst eating a jacket spud after about six laps.  A very much needed hug after 13 laps from my friend SJ.  Offers of help & assistance by friends.  My husband & son arriving to hobble over the finish line with me after 15 laps.  My husband kindly drove me home & back the next day to pick up my vehicle because I was in no fit state to drive.  The support & friendship from fellow runners and my fellow members of the broken runners club that we formed to walk the final two laps when we couldn’t run any further.  Every runner, supporter, Marshall, photographer & even food stand workers are what makes Equinox24 so special.  Without doubt my favourite event of the year.  Now, when do the entries open for next year??"

Penny Rowe

"This year I did three laps. Six weeks ago I had a accident and sprained my ankle, so I walked. I did my first lap dressed up as a cowgirl complete with horse and it was very hot my second lap I was dressed as fairy"

Marc Sanderson

"I broke emotionally on lap 11, but the support of every single marshal, runner and their crews not only managed to get me round that lap, but also another lap. And your kind words and encouragement too Sid really did help."

Jilly Walstow

"From arriving on Friday afternoon to finishing on Sunday afternoon..being spoken to by name, being sought out by people wanting to chat, I’ve spent a lifetime not fitting in…these people are my tribe, my family, my people. I love everything about the weekend…I even love hating “that hill” New people who come always say they will come back. People are willing to marshal as well as run to give something back. The support you get as a solo means you never feel alone I can honestly say it’s my favourite place to be."

Sally Lill

"I set off optimistically on my first lap, I staggered round my second lap, having forgotten to fuel or hydrate, I skipped round my third lap, euphoric and a bit delerious and plodded round my forth lap, with a smile on my face! I cried at the finish line, and immediately started planning my solo attempt for 2022. I loved it!"

Belinda Bryant

"This year I left “solo” in the cupboard and did the day and night 10km to complete my full equinox24 medal collection (back to solo next year) but also so I could give back and Marshall… we did 3-6pm on finish line water station the 3-6am halfway up “not that hill”. I cried seeing the grit, love and determination.. On the day 10km starting out with Steve doing solo… I cried.. I didn’t think we would ever get back here.. I didn’t think I would feel the embrace and love from our equinox family.. to not be judged by pace, speed or size.. to feel like a hero whether you have done 10 or 150km… thank you my equinox family.. same family get together next year"

Laura Tarry

"The last 800m of my first lap was painful, it was hot and I'd done very little training. There was a really tall man (I'm only 5ft3 but he must of been at least 6ft7) solo runner. He noticed I was struggling and gave me encouragement and support, he paced himself to meet my comfort zone and cheered me on to the finish line. Without his support and kindness, I don't think I'd of been able to complete a further 2 laps. The sense of community and unity is incredible and an experience I will never forget. Thank you tall man"

Sara Nuttall

"Having only had half a slice of toast on Saturday morning since a jacket potato on Thursday night my hopes were low upon arrival at camp, I looked and felt like cak (basically)…..our camp was set up on our arrival by our amazing group of fellow runners and friends (god bless them) so I had time to sit and try and get myself together….banana, Jaffa cakes, trip to the toilet……I’ll soldier on start line at 12 feeling first lap and thought it would be done by the second, but bit of rest, plenty of fluids and fuel and I managed to plod on until the end, without a team of people who just all looked after each other without hesitation, nothing was an effort or any trouble to sort. I now knew it was going to be ok, and i was, it was up there with my very favourite events and next year I want to turn up “well”. (Didn’t have a bug folks, don’t worry, crashed my car Thursday night and knocked me off my feet a bit)."

Allyson Miller

"I planned to run 100k but brain surgery in July scuppered that. I walked 4 laps with lots of runners slowing to have a chat or give words of support. Definitely a really friendly event, lots of lit up tents and supporters. Oh, let's not mention 'that hill!'"

Allyson Fundraising for The Brain Tumour Charity 

Lawrence Williamson

"Sleeping in my tent next to the start line to the banging sound of ‘I’m a dreamer’....oh yeah I’m actually not going to get any sleep am I..."

Andrew Wrath

"Solo but as I am also preparing for the London Marathon only ran two laps back to back and then did my first ever marshal slot at the crossroads in the night - it was so good and inspiring seeing everyone keeping going on in various states of of joy and distress ! … already looking forward to 2022 where I intend to start with a 3 hour marshal slot followed by 10 laps solo !"

Gemma Forsyth

"We have a saying in Scotland ‘Better felt than telt’ meaning I can’t describe it you just have to experience it, this for me sums up Equinox24!"

Amanda Bishop

"A complete change this year. Less laps ran - more social time - much more relaxed & absolutely loved seeing the race from a different perspective. The heat of that sun suited the chat time but not the run time! Marshal post for me next time"

Jo Yarnall

"That moment when you set up camp and you realise that the bloke with the morph suit is camping next to you so you get all excited lol"

Anna Zorn

"In 2018 a friend suggested we get a team together for a crazy 24 hour relay running event. It sounded hard, and a bit nuts, but we decided to give it a go. It poured with rain for the first day, and we discovered that our gazebo was waterproof, but sadly our tent no longer was. We moaned a lot, and laughed a lot, and by Sunday afternoon we were already planning on coming back in 2019. This year my husband and I attempted it solo, while our team got a little bit smaller, and were also our amazing support crew. On Sunday, after managing 10 laps, I thought once was enough running it solo, and whilst we will be running as a team in 2022, I have a feeling I might be trying on my own again in 2023 as I now have something to beat! In all the races I have done, I have never experienced anything else like Equinox - it is so friendly, so supportive, and so much fun"

John Restall

"About one and a half k in to the first lap someone asked if we were there yet! Not funny but it so was especially as I was only doing the day 10k. All good stuff and by the way I still didn’t manage to run that hill as planned."

Andy Lauder

"My highlight is personal satisfaction beacuse 10 years ago I started Hinckley running club juniors with the aim of getting younger people into our club. It's started too happen though because in our team of 8 we had 3 Ex Juniors aged 18/19 . Great to see them running with me as I was their coach when they were 9."

Steve Crickett

"Couch to 100km takes time, 5 years in my case. Never thought I'd be classed as an ultra-runner (or ultra-shuffler as someone around the camp said), but I can't think of a better, safer or more supportive environment in which to attempt to test and stretch our physical boundaries."

Helen Durant

"Whilst marshalling in the disco tent from 12-3am I was chatting to one of the paramedics who just couldn’t get his head around the concept of Equinox24- he said ‘so people turn up and just run lap after lap day and night for fun (?) and pay for the pleasure ‘??? I replied yes some of us do it for charity but we all do it because we just love the whole atmosphere of the event - it’s addictive. He then added ‘ I’ve been on call at many events mainly London way and I’ve never seen anything like Equinox24- everyone is so polite and grateful ‘ I replied that’s because we are all one big family and we look forward to our yearly reunion to encourage and support each other in what ever role we are there as .We all need a bit of Equinox24 in our lives"

Rebecca Yorke

"Well it’s been a long time since I’ve slept with strangers and we are all still talking! Aspire Allstars you rock & Equinox rules x Jim Fletcher Kaye Huntington Maggie Alexandra Paul Wade Laura J Tarry & Lou x"

Vicky Jennings

"Fantastic atmosphere, enthusiastic marshals, brilliant photographers and awesome round the clock support. Whether you walked one lap or ran 20, it doesn’t matter, at Equinox we all belonged. Some might say that we’re all nuts and they may be right but if that’s what it takes to be in this gang I’m in"

Verena Edon

"The lady who ran past me at 4am ish , on not that hill saying ' good morning crazy person' ..made me smile feel good and carry on....."

Sharon Mee

"Team spirit, encouragement, kettles alway on, everyone is equal, exciting, anticipation, waiting, dreading, I can do this, I can’t do this, camaraderie, support, smile for the photographer, cake, camp fire, blankets, go solo, where do I sign up for next year #colourfulquintet"

Kev Jones

"As I turned left at the water stop at the top of not that hill, it all went wrong. Lap 7 at 4am and I look up and there he was, the Grim Reaper. Hallucinations happen when you are on the limit, I was but got back to campsite and curled up in the back of my car. No more laps for me"

Penny Masser

"The best way to start a birthday ( my 57th!) …a 3am lap for my team of 5 with the relay band passed to me by my daughter ( who always runs in my team …our 6th EQ24 this year). We had a ball - starting with Friday sunshine, beer run and then 4 laps each in the 24hr event ( London in 2 weeks so thought we’d better be sensible!) With a great crowd of family and friends running, and the amazing team spirit of every competitor, marshal and supporter, this was yet another unforgettable weekend. Thank you to the Equinox Team"

Helen Corbishley

"For various reasons we were relatively unprepared heading into our first Equinox24. Life, covid and many, many months had passed since we entered. I think we literally sort of forgot. So up we rock on a Friday night (thank the lord we came up the night before… a 2.5 hour pootle in the car became an sorrowful 6.5 hours!). I admit though, we stayed in a B&B that night since we possessed no tent or any other accoutrements which might have proven useful. We literally arrived on Saturday with a bit of food, a few changes of top, plasters and loo roll. Turns out when you’re up all night, that’s all you need! That, the food stalls, massage tent and booze bus. The rest of the race is a jumbled recollection of wonderful conversations (bowel movements, ex partners, watermelons, ‘there’s no L in Beaver’), refreshments en route (chip lap, beer lap, coffee and Mars bar lap), wild wees, discos (c*ck rock, 90’s, techno wheelbarrow) and ultimately a bust knee which put paid to any attempt at 10+ laps. Normally I’d be pretty peeved at that, but I had such a good time I really didn’t care. Happy with 6 laps and a knee strapped by an easy on the eye paramedic that was young enough to be my son. Unforgettable weekend. Wonderful people. We’ll definitely be back!!"

Mark Derbyshire

"Other than laps 9 and 10 felt like I was walking on broken glass"

Ali Brocklebank-Lambert

"We managed to pitch our Gazebo up along the run route back into camp. We had our music playing as the runners went by. The majority of the runners joined in with us singing a few lines at the top of their voices as they passed by. It was great to see the enthusiasm on their faces. It was the 3rd Equinox for us as part of Doncaster Triathlon Club. We had 3 solos, 5 small teams, 3 support crew, 1 child who enjoyed the kids fun run and 1 mascot, Charlie the dog. We’ll definitely be back next year for more fun, lost toe nails, sleep deprivation and an amazing, enjoyable experience with all great people we met along the way."

Dave Leonard

"At lap 7 I felt just a bit done So decided to re-evaluate plans . I was stopping for a shower , massage and a sleep . And then try again early morning . Shower ✅ massage ✅ sleep ❌. Found myself doing one more lap instead. Ended up doing another 8 laps . That’s what Equinox does #Onemorelap"

Sarah Atkins

"You Sid make Equinox24 for me. And your wife. And team Poppyfields. But Your endless support is amazing. Your encouragement and your belief in others knows no bounds. I love the challenging course and beautiful views but everyone and I mean everyone who’ve you’ve never met before or even just saw on a previous lap are so supportive of everyone. Love it. The event is special. The organisers are just amazing. Atmosphere is brilliant. But you sid - seeing you on the course and the ability to just keep going. As per your sign you are frickin awesome!"

Melissa Stonard

"I have no other words other than….. gimp boy made my year xx"

Brian Guilder aka Ken, Poppy's Dad, Chief Ken, Kendo Nagasaki, Ken of Kennington, Kendondo 

"Equinox you are forever with me. Fit or not I shall always be with you to share in all you give.  Poppyfields again smashing the laps and no doubt in seeing you again next year. Personally the toughest mental having lost my wonderful mum 6 weeks prior and finally saying goodbye the day before Equinox at a family celebration of her life. Plodding around the laps of Equinox you forget how much you are driven by what is installed in you from your parents and in my case a huge degree of positiveness and determination to do the best you can. That’s Equinox. Dedicating all my laps to my beautiful mum, go well you fine lot and see you again for one more lap."


From first place to last place, 20 laps to 1 lap, you all rock. You're awesome and you're gorgeous. Thank you.

If you want to re-live a Morph night lap Morph Night Lap

And trying to walk the next day Shit off ya bastards

Pics from Glenn Curley Photography Bloody Ace Pics

The Day After The Weekend Before

Been an odd day. 

Walked to work.

Offered a high 5 to Postie - nothing!

Shouted "well done pal" to stranger walking down street with paper- nothing!

Grabbed a water and bag of sweets and walked out of shop - chased down road.

Asked a lady at crossroads to hold my top layers and unzip me so I could have a wee - police called!

Made it to work and went upstairs - silence! No swearing or encouragement and no split time for the climb.

Asked boss for a banana, flap jack, water and to have my pads ready for next lap - blank stare and disciplinary.

Started first assessment and asked if they'd like me in Gangster morph or Polka morph - complaint!

Trudged home over fields where kiddie was learning to ride bike - just been chased off field by angry red faced Dad after shouting "get in solo you're looking strong kidda get it f#*@#*g done you ledge"

Got home and no one wants to rub me, feed me, applaud me or hug my sweaty bulk.

Been an odd day.

Assorted Pics