Thursday, 12 December 2013

Poppyfields Equator Challenge 2014

Soz kids for the lack of bloggage since Bournemouth where Team Poppyfields raised £2404!! Over the past couple of months I've been running and counting down the days left for the Poppyfields2013Challenge which was to exercise everyday in 2013. I am loving running with Mich at the moment as she builds up her distance in preparation for VLM 2014. It will be her first marathon. I cannot fault her 'get up and get out' at the moment. 3 or 4 outings a week without fail. Weekend longer runs now up to 12 miles. Well placed for the next 17 weeks of VLM training! Her mojo has certainly helped keep my fines to a minimum!

As this years challenge nears the end it would seem a shame to stop and not do something for 2014. Particularly when the Facebook group 'Outlaw Ironmorph for Popppyfields' has grown into a fitness/support/motivational group. At least it has for me. I've had a few ideas in my head and consulted with Poppyfielders and I think we should collectively try and Exercise the Equator. Its only 40,075km or 24,906 miles which is only 66 miles a day. I will add 7,000 miles to that to get from Poppy's house in Tamworth to the Equator and back again via Birmingham Children's Hospital. On the final day of the challenge we will get together and run, ride, walk or canoe the last 15 miles from BCH down the canal to Poppy's house. If anyone cant make the final leg we can still do the final leg together in a virtual world!

The idea is simple, exercise everyday and tell me your mileage. I will keep a running total and we can see if Poppyfields can go around the world! As with last years challenge there will be a one off £5 registration fee and then you pay a £1 charity fine for each day you miss. All the money will go straight to Birmingham Children's Hospital to fund their research and treatment of child brain tumours! Maximum fine per month is £10. I think we should keep going until we get there!

Exercise is defined by you. It can be a walk, a run, a trip out on the bike with the kids, a race around a BMX track, a swim, a crawl, chasing cheese down a hill, a run on the treadmill, a rowing session in the gym, a row on a lake, a session on the stepper, a Zumba session, Ballroom dancing, skiing, tobogganing, football, rugby  - basically if you burn some calories and can tell me what mileage you've covered by doing it then it counts. You could record your 'actual' miles eg running or cycling and use other exercise like dancing or Zumba to fill the other days so you don't get a fine! Its your choice, its your fitness which means its your integrity, honesty and judgement as to whether you should pay a fine.

The idea is for us to help kids at BCH and in the process get ourselves fit which benefits us all!
If you're in then follow these simple steps to greatness:-

1. Pay one off £5 registration fee with a text of POPP69 £5 to 70070 or go to
2. Tell me you are in either here, Facebook (Sid Poppyfields Sidowski) or Twitter (@Sidowski) or Instagram (SidSidowski) or in person!
3. Exercise everyday.
4. Tell me your mileage in whatever way you're most comfortable with (see 2)
5. Pay a £1 fine for each day you missed with a text of POPP69 £1 to 70070 or go to
6. Join the 'Outlaw Ironmorph for Poppyfields' group on facebook, tell us what you've been up to, post pics, spread the word on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and everywhere and absorb some awesomeness!
7. Log your miles on this link using password pec2014.
 8. View progress on this link

Register now ready to start on 1st January 2014 - hangover session so it can only improve! You can join at any time of the year we will just start adding your miles from when you join!

The maximum fine per month is £10 so even if you register and never exercise and give up after January you will only pay £15 and you will still have helped kids fighting Brain Tumours at BCH.
Here are some of the people that made a difference this year and posted their exercise pics in the Facebook group:-

Without their help in 2013 and yours in 2014 children like my niece Poppy, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour at 14 months of age, wouldn't be with us today. Poppy is about to celebrate her 11th birthday after 4 brain operations, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and 99.9% of her brain tumour finally removed on St George's day in 2012! My personal heartfelt thanks to you all and a big thank you from Poppy too!

If you post your exercise on Twitter or Instagram use #PEC or #PoppyfieldsEquatorChallenge. Feel free to share this blog page and the Just Giving page and spread the word. Your support is invaluable, your generosity heart warming and your help necessary! Thank you.