Monday, 8 May 2017

The Idiot that.....

I am often introduced as the idiot that. "Hey Paul. Remember Outlaw? This is the idiot that did it on a bmx" or "you know those morphsuit things? This is the idiot that ran 7 marathons in a morphsuit"

The reality is far less exciting. The idiot that:
isn't training
lacks self discipline
doesn't eat properly
fails to prepare
lacks mental strength
lacks focus
is full of shit

The idiot that has Outlaw Half bike leg of a relay in 2 weeks, the Outlaw full in 10 weeks and Equinox in 19 weeks!

The idiot that is continually restarting training*. Indeed every moment of 'click' leads to another brief, yet ultimately failed, restart attempt.
*eating well/stretching/sleeping properly etc etc

It's hard to understand the idiot that lacks focus. This years focus is twofold. Cancer Research UK and Birmingham Children's Hospital.

I've had a minor dabble with Skin Cancer in the past and we may be going again shortly. Our family, like so many others, have been devastated by Cancer a few times. Myself, Sally and Mich are going to relay the Outlaw Half to raise money for CRUK. If you want to help we would love a quid off each of you. Text 'SSMO99 £1' to 70070.

I have come to know many children battling brain tumours since Poppy was diagnosed at 14 months old. Poppy is now 14 years old thanks to Birmingham Children's Hospital. Full details for sponsorship will follow nearer the time of Outlaw and Equinox.

A big thank you to Iain Hamilton at Outlaw who has donated an Outlaw '18 place for a sweepstake on my Outlaw finish time. Also for Johnny and Laura Nichol who have donated an Equinox '18 solo place for a sweepstake on my Equinox steps at this years event. I am after any business owners, event managers or just lovely charitable folk that might donate a prize to the sweepstakes. I can't offer much in return other than as much publicity and exposure as i can muster. I am after at least 5 but ideally 10 brilliant prizes for each sweepstake.

With CRUK and BCH in mind I will be the idiot that tackles the Outlaws and Equinox regardless of my failings. I will be the idiot that.......