Thursday, 5 February 2015


Life is a challenge. More so for some than others. We are going to choose our challenges throughout the year to raise money to help kids battling brain tumours - a challenge beyond comprehension. If you want to get involved it is this simple:-

1. Pay a £5 registration fee at or simply text PACT98 £5 to 70070.

2. Tell me you have paid and I will let you have the Poppyfields Challenge login details.

3. Sign in to the site and log your challenge for February 2015.

4. Exercise everyday in 2015 and pay a £1 charity fine for each day you miss up to a £5 maximum. Pay on the above link in a monthly lump sum or text PACT98 £1 to 70070 each time you miss a day.

5. At the end of the month confirm whether you have passed or failed your challenge and set your challenge for the next month. Repeat throughout the year. NB: You have to confirm you completed your challenge by the 2nd of the following month otherwise the logging system will assume you didn't complete your challenge so don't be late. Also you can add as many challenges in a month as you wish but you have to have completed them all to 'pass' the month.

6. You pay £5 if you fail your monthly challenge. Use the link to pay or text PACT98 £5 to 70070  but you enjoy an exemption for daily fines for the following month if you pass your challenge.

7. Join in at the FB group Poppyfields Annual Challenge Team and tell us what you're up to and how your challenge is going. Spread the word on Twitter with #PACT2015

Disclaimer: We cannot be held responsible for the increased awesomeness you experience as a result of taking on this challenge nor for the jealousy of friends as your brilliance reaches epic levels. You will become more attractive and richer in the heart for becoming a Poppyfielder and we make no apology for that! Every penny raised in registration and fines goes straight to Birmingham Children's Hospital to support their treatment and research into child brain tumours.

Thank you for making a difference!