Wednesday, 30 November 2011

7 months and counting.

As a complete technophobe I have no idea if I have just created a blog or not. If I haven't I am about to waste 15 mins of my time. If I have then this will be the first entry on my blog for no-one to read! Its 7 months until Outlaw Ironman Triathlon July 1st 2012. I am short fat and bald and after 18 months of running I have managed Edinburgh Marathon (May 2011) in 4:42 and Liverpool Marathon (Oct 2011) in a horrendous 5:12. Next year I have the London Marathon April 22nd which I am running for Birmingham Childrens Hospital, then Outlaw Ironman July 1st for which also raises money for Birmingham Childrens Hospital (specifically for the treatment and research into Child Brain Tumours). I havent run since Nov 1st because of pain in both knees which my doc tells me is tendonopathy, I havent started swimming yet because of an infection in my face (sounds nice right!) and I've not been out on a bike yet because I havent got one. So, no stress no pressure then! My journey will be a boring one as my much better half can testify to but feel free to follow my progress. It will be warts and all and I make no apologies for foul language which will almost certainly litter my posts! Has this worked - lets see!

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