Monday, 16 April 2012

VLM Morph!

I went on a rain soaked 4.5 mile run last Thursday during my lunch hour. Got a bit pissed off and nearly cut it short and then reminded myself I am graced with #TNSG Awesomness and kept on. Seriously the thought of my niece and her struggles and @12pmclub who died after the Reading Half were plenty to force me to buck my ideas up!
I then had my first Sports Massage (do you have to say 'Sports' just so it doesnt sound back street Selly Oak mucky massage?). I'll be honest it hurt like hell as my back was sorted out! They are doing my legs this Thursday to have me as ready as I can be for VLM.
So, due to injury my VLM training has consisted of a 4.5 miler on 3rd April, 7.5 miler on 6th April, 10 miler on 10th April, a 4.5 miler on 12th April and yesterday (15th) a 15.5 miler. That kind of completes my marathon training for this years VLM! Ive researched a few training plans and this appears to be the 1st 12 day marathon training plan. To be fair I will sneak a gentle 5 or 6 in tomorrow and a 3 on Thursday but that is effectively it. Bearing in mind I had not run further than 10 miles since Liverpool Marathon last October I was really pleased at how the 15.5 went. 2hrs 30 mins so not too slow either. Big thanks to John Phillips who ran with me as I may not have been able to do it on my own. Back seems ok, ankle aching but no worse than after the shorter runs. I will now be ignoring my ankle regardless! Countdown now for Sunday when all I need to do is tag 11 miles on to yesterdays run and I am there! Just tag a green laner on and thats it. Say it fast it sounds easy but bear in mind I shall be wearing this:-
Its an all in one Morphsuit that I have had printed with the Birmingham Childrens Hospital logo on the front, Specsavers over the eyes (kindly sponsoring me for the run). The back has these messages printed left and right of the centre zip:-
These kids I am running for have all been or are being treated at BCH. Poppy of course is my niece, Abi is a family friend who was on my Liverpool Marathon shirt, Harry who of course raised a phenominal amount for BCH and would chat with everyone on Twitter and who sadly lost his battle with a brain tumour last year, and Tilly-Grace the daughter of Louise who works at Specsavers. They are a big reason as to why I run.
My associates @JWUltra @Ajh1269 @Scotlassruns @Toria35 @Runner786 are there because they have all had a hand in helping/encouraging/frightening me with their running feats. I have limited room otherwise there would be 100's of you on there. You know who you are and I will get round to having you all on various shirts as each challenge is tackled.
Motivated by my much better half Mrs Brightside and the rugs Ellie Belle and G Man. I cant really put into words just how much support and encouragement they give me.
Is that it? A thought I am sure goes through my printers head. Not quite. This is on the back too:-

If you see me shout hi please 'cause I will be in an isolated world of hurt in there and every bit of encouragement will be a fantastic boost. Better still text RUNS99 £10 to 70070 ;-) I must thank Sewsoon Embroidery for the prinitng it is brilliant and I do appreciate it as my prints get more extravagent!
I am sure I will drop a blog Fri or Sat as the nerves take control. I really hope that everyone running London or anywhere else really enjoys it and finishes safely!
If you're finding it hard I think thats how its supposed to be. We have a choice to run but many of the people needing the charities we run for don't have a choice for their battles! Dont waste yours - win it!
Finally, if you see a video of me in the bath on FB share it with your friends (look me up Sid 'Poppyfields' Sidowski), if you see a #heartwarming video clip on Twitter retweet it (as Samuel L Jackson did the other day! I know!) and feel free to share this link with the world
Thankyou you're all effin awesome!

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  1. Way to dig deep when the going gets tough. And what a great cause, Sid!