Friday, 13 July 2012

Whats Next?

So far its gone along the lines of this:-

26th June 2010 - me during a family picnic peaking at 13st for my 5ft 4" frame!
This coincided with a 20 yr school reunion and a 5 hour 11 mile walk home from the pub with a drunken resolution to sort myself out. Reinforced by a chronic hangover ruining a Bbq with friends as I slept through most of the England v Germany game the following day.
Other than the odd football match several years before I'd been concentrating on bulking up through idleitis for 20 years! It was fair to say I couldn't run to the end of my drive without being out of breathe!

So, inspired by Mrs Brightside a year earlier I entered the Birmingham Half Marathon to get fit and raise some money for Birmingham Childrens Hospital. I trained and did the Lichfield 10k in September 2010.
Thats me in the black morphsuit! Continuing this theme and trying to maximise fundraising I did Birmingham half in Oct 2010.

I am the good looking Morph! Thats Poppy with us too at the end!
I then trained some more and signed up for Edinburgh Marathon May 2011.

Then I popped my marathon cherry in Edinburgh.

Not wanting to slack and knowing I would I signed up for Liverpool Marathon Oct 2011 and trained some more (but not as well as I had previously).

Then I did Liverpool (badly).

I then signed up for my first triathlon. The Outlaw Ironman July 2012! Just had to deal with morphing VLM first.

Trained around lurgy, bike phobia, bouts of slackness to eventually pull of this:-

The lurgy update looks like this:-

So, I am a lurgy free Outlaw Ironman looking for the next challenge. Team Poppyfields have raised over £170,000 for BCH and Poppy is officially in remission.

Inspired by Mrs Brightside I can't see that there is anything I cannot do.

Options seem, ridiculously, to be veering towards ultra running. Thames 100, South Downs 100, The Wall but I did love to bits Outlaw and definitely (now Mrs B has recovered from the stress of it) want to do that again in 2013. There is Coast to Coast Race, Rowing the Irish Sea, Rowing the River Severn, Brathay 10in10 looks awesome and most fantastically they all seem impossible! Usual conditions will apply. Family first, training second! Thank you all for your help and if you can stick with me for the forseeable lets see where the next lap on the Rollercoaster takes us! You know the score now - don't let me hear you say you can't!!


  1. You are totally crazy Super Sid but also totally inspiring and just generally fab.x

  2. enough said