Thursday, 13 September 2012


This is a ridiculous concept. As if an Ironman isnt hard enough I am going to do Outlaw 2013 Ironman in a Morphsuit! At least the ride and run sections. The swim is in the air at the moment as to whether I can do it in the suit because in water the Morphsuit material holds the water creating a CIA Waterboarding effect and I simply dont think that will be condusive to a good swim! I am looking to see if there is a way of working it out and will be testing at Dosthill Quarry in due course.
I have received confirmation from the British Triathlon Federation and One Step Beyond that I can compete in the suit so now the most ridiculous idea ever (doing the Ironman) has just got a little bit more ridiculous. The buzz I felt yesterday when registering again for Outlaw was great. Seeing lots of others registering and at a rapid pace, was fantastic and I think the event will be full within days rather than weeks!
I did of course do VLM12 in the Morphsuit (and it was really really hard) and I saw at least 10 other Morphs on the course but to the best of my knowledge no one has done an Ironman Triathlon in a Morphsuit. This year I finished with 15 mins to spare and I was of course just two minutes within the bike/run cut off time. At Outlaw 2013 the goal is a sub 15 hours Ironman finish to become the first Ironmorph. (feel free to correct me if I am wrong and someone has done this before - if for no other reason I would want to pick their brains - if indeed either of us has one!)
Design suggestions for the suit are welcome. Its a blank canvas at the moment. My initial thoughts are a white suit (easiest to print on) with Birmingham Children's Hospital on the chest and the Outlaw symbol on the face. I wrote a few things on my legs last year so may have something equally inspiring printed there too. The back is open to suggestions?
Fingers are now crossed for an injury/lurgy free training schedule as I wish for everyone else doing it as quite a few had their 2012 Outlaw efforts ruined with injury!
In other news I am on a runstreak! 9 days completed and todays lunchtime 4 miler will be my 10th. I was looking for something to provide a bit of focus in between events and I am enjoying it. As my distances improve I am hoping that this will give me a base for attempting an Ultra run at some point in the future - probably 2014 - purely because it seems impossible. The problem of course is that after Outlaw12 I did say publicly to you all that I dont ever want to hear you say you can't! I've kinda gotta be ruled by that myself!
I am also doing the 5km x 50 days challenge for Sport Relief. You can run, bike or swim or walk the 5k each day. It fits in nicely with my runstreak. Today will be my 5th day of that.
Both will help me toward 2012 miles in 2012. This should have been done and dusted before Outlaw this year but of course the disrupted training meant that my mileage was far less than it should have been. I am at 1302 with approx 15 weeks to go. I need to be hitting 48 miles a week which is certainly doable with a few decent rides thrown in.
As an aside my blog stats tell me that most of you that look upon it do so through the links I post on FB or Twitter. A few have stumbled on it by google search. Here is a list of the top 5 searches that brought people here this last week:-
'Abbots Bromley Lake' - thats quite nice
'Fat people Morphsuits' - somewhat less nice
'Altered smell imiquimod' - facial skin cancer reference
'Bald Outlaw' - made me chuckle
'Runner Famous' - I wish!
Quick shout out to @JWultra @ajh1269 & @madlot1 all doing the JW Ultra race this month. To @walkingunited who finishes his 2500 mile 92 Football Club walk for BNIB and Leukemia Research at Anfield this coming Monday, @mjgreenfield for his Henley Ironman this weekend and everyone doing IM Wales this weekend too!
I am off to to runstreak and 5x50 to my hearts content in the hope that come January I will hit the Outlaw 2013 training trail very much running!! Hope you all got in that wanted to and enjoy the journey. If you see a Morph out running, cycling or swimming do not be scared just give me a wave!

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