Thursday, 14 August 2014

Inspiration in Determination

My bloggage has been a bit slack and for that and to anyone that actually reads this drivel, I apologise!

Since April things have been a bit up in the air. Mich has been tested here there and everywhere as they investigate her Hemiplegic Migraines. She has suffered a few episodes since the original in March! We just want them to get to the bottom of it and sort it out or at least prevent them. In the meantime she has kept up her running as best she can. She's comfortably back to 6 miles at 8:30 mins/mile pace now. Soon to step up the distance with London Marathon 2015 her main aim. Before that she has The Colour Run this weekend, a few 10k's and Equinox 24 in Sept as the Captain of Team Poppyfields. Her determination inspires me daily.

My dad has had an operation to remove a cancerous colon tumour after radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The surgeon was happy with the outcome and after some initial recovery issues he looks well on the way to making a full recovery with some associated life changes that such an op brings about. His determination to get on with things is a huge inspiration.

We raise a bit of cash for Birmingham Children's Hospital and their research and treatment of child brain tumours. Over the last few months a young girl called Tilly Sweet was told her tumour had returned and the prognosis looked bleak. However, her treatment at BCH has gone well and things are looking much more positive. Poppy continues to thrive as she looks forward to Secondary school. A possibility that seemed out of reach when she was diagnosed at only 14 months old. It goes without saying that such kids fighting these battles are a huge source of inspiration.

As for the fundraising....that's storming along. The Poppyfield's Equator Challenge has become a race to the moon after we blitzed the equator in the blink of an eye. We're 135,000 miles exercised towards reaching the Moon at 217,000 miles. Average required is 600 miles per day. We're currently at 601 average! We've raised nearly £2200 and we still have 4.5 months left! The daily effort and determination of everyone to do this challenge inspires me each day.

As for me? I am trying to make up for my failure to deliver on a promise to raise money for Children with Cancer UK by missing London Marathon through illness. Instead I am raising money for them by running 2014 miles in 2014 and Equinox. My training has been hit and miss resulting in my 2014 miles run in 2014 daily requirement having crept up from 5.5 miles per day to a rather impossible seeming 9.2 miles per day! I have Equinox 24hr run in 5 weeks and I am Morphing it solo! I am way out of my depth. Might just have to blag it!

I'll tackle both with as much determination as I can. If this inspires you to grab a pound or ten from your pocket just text MORF72 £10 to 70070. It goes straight to CWCUK. Or just message me a pledge of how much you would be prepared to sponsor me for each 10km lap I complete at Equinox within the 24 hours. I will be Morphed and I have never run further than 26.2 miles!

I have marshalled at IMUK where I bike marshalled the 2nd male athlete through the run. That was a truly awesome day to witness people going long from the other side! So many friends were doing it and it was a pleasure to cheer them on the run after I finished my marshalling duties. The stories, the battles and the determination behind glazed over and zoned out eyes was massively inspirational.

Its not just the long stuff that strikes a chord! Supporting at the Outlaw Half was phenomenal and then marshalling in the rain at The BRAT standard distance and sprint triathlons last weekend delivered the same inspirational fix!

I am hoping some of this inspiration works its magic for me at Equinox. It has helped to pursue the BMX Outlaw idea. Moda Cycles have yet to respond to my query regarding their BMX (for show only) that was at Outlaw.  The British Triathlon Federation are looking into sanctioning this for Outlaw 2015 and if they do my training focus will switch to BMX post Equinox. The majority opinion (about 90%) is that it cant be done. I like those odds!

Finally, there is an upcoming UK wide game of hide and seek due to take place with Sean Conway who is running John O'Groats to Lands End, unsupported. This will complete the final leg of his unique Length of Britain Triathlon having already done it on his bike and then earlier this year becoming the first person to ever swim it! Within the first 5 days he has sprained his ankle and tweaked his knee. Of course he is still going. He is determination (honestly have a look in the dictionary) and I am going to absorb as big a hit of inspiration a I can after he invited me to run a day with him....I just have to find him first.

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