Thursday, 18 December 2014

Walking on the Moon!

Many of you will know that this years Poppyfield's Challenge began with the idea of a few of us exercising everyday, paying a charity fine when we didn't exercise and logging our miles to see if we could clock up enough miles to go around the world. We smashed that by mid February so we turned our attention to the moon. The moon varies in distance from the earth. At its closest it is 217,000 miles away. We landed on the moon on Tuesday afternoon with 15 days to spare. We also topped £3000 raised for Birmingham Children's Hospital and their research and treatment into Child Brain Tumours.

I am truly in awe of the people that came together to make this possible. They began as strangers and became an inspirational bunch of Poppyfielder's and friends. They are from all walks of life, a complete range of athletic ability and from all over the UK and the World. Miles being clocked as far afield as Europe, Dubai, Australia and USA!

A particular thank you goes out to Mark Dodgson as without his tech know how in setting up the mileometer and logging system we would probably have crashed and burned by the end of January!

So, a big pat on the back to Marie Neve, Pat Hipkiss, Dunsrunner, Tracy Mott, Lisa Guilder, Anthony Clarke, Christina Sandberg, John Thompson, John Young, Drew Clark, Christine Sims, Neil Hipkiss, Poppy the Dog, Jarvey Selfe, Toni McMillan, Nadine Prouse, Jamie Ross, Di Latham, Sarah Manning, Bunny Two, Brian Drought, Iron Pugsley, Fairy Fluffkins, Gillian Hirst, Mark Hirst, Andy Pye, Michelle Blackmore, Darren Gibbons, Liz Roberts, Ben Wild, Horse Nellany, Ian Dickens, Lena Conlin, Billy Conlin, Michael Evans, Adam Cain, Zoe McBeth, Jemma Phillips, Kirsten Bailey, Stephen Chapman, Colin Thomson, Mike Wells, Helen Gibbs, Michy D, Steve Knight, Stuart Lawrence, Lydia Barrow, Andy Birks, Kelly Williamson, Sarah Timbers, Trixie the Dog, Pat John, Laura Steward, Hollie Cradduck, Adam Hookway, Poppy, Kelly Denton, Sue McCarthy, Martin Collins, Graham Prouse, Jay McNeil, Paul Hodgkinson, Claire Webb, Mellie MelC, Anna Waugh, Pete Buckley, Fiona Collins, Liz Williams, Melanie McVean, Neil Wilkinson, Dave Harrison, Chris Jones, Fathead, Jane Taylor, Richard White, Georgina Dann, Keith Charlton, Chris Weddell, Vicky Weddell, Maisy Weddell, Lee Kennedy, Brian Guilder, Lily the Dog, Lisa Kelly, Simon Hassett, Alex Holloway, Nick Dann, Chris McBeth, Sharon Duggan, Tony Jeffreys, Jim Page, Chris Cash, Sarah Atkins, Sean Slowley, Tracy Elsdon, George Weddell, Sarah Booker, Darren Brady, James Farren, Kelly Ince, Lucy Tonnero, Steven Ketteridge, Tracy Roughley, Joanne Betteridge, Dawn Sanza, Julian Rawlings, S Woodfield, Giacomo Squintani, Valerie Bloomfield, Frank Biederman, Maxine Johnston, Scott Johnston, Ashley Stretch, Stuart Johnson, Gavin Restall, Stuart Hatton, Sally Hatton, Din Whitehead, Ken Holder, Mark Chapman, Pip the Dog, Mark Smith, Michael Barnett, Ian Day, Martin Cunningham, Dave Wunderle, Claire Loughton, Julie Twydell, Veronica Leith, Sam Hirst, Emily Hirst, Anne Devenney, Richard Miller, Chantel Spence, Anthony Pounder, Ines Carr, David Leighton, Carley O'Brien, Martin Murtagh, Mags Doyle, Leigh Holloway and Mathew Peleszok!

Thank you all sincerely for the push, determination, inspiration, the fundraising, the effort, the awareness and for getting us to the Moon!

A few of us are running/walking/cycling along the canal from Birmingham Children's Hospital to Tamworth on Sunday 28th at about 10am if you want to join us? It is about 13/14 miles. We will be passing the The Boat Inn in Minworth with 6 miles to go (11am ish) and The Dog & Doublet in Bodymoor Heath with 3 miles to go (11.30am ish) if you fancy a shorter distance. We should be back to Fazeley by 12 - 1pm ish and you will find us in the Three Tuns if you fancy sharing a celebratory Moon Pint from about 1pm! (Details may change so keep an eye out).

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