Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Tri Bars....on a BMX?

When I started this Outlaw BMX nonsense the initial plan was to butcher a 24" Cruiser BMX to effectively make it an odd looking roadie/BMX Frankenstein of a bike. As I couldn't blag a 24" cruiser I settled for the 20" standard BMX that I have now. Other than a few tweaks it will be a standard BMX but a few things do need to be........modified or added.

I can justify clip in pedals and the extended seat post no problem. I am going to be in the saddle for 8 hrs trying to hit 14mph ave so some things are a necessity. I can also justify the upgraded front cog to give me the optimum gear for this single speed journey. On the standard original gearing the challenge simply wouldn't be possible. I can justify slick tyres that will go on nearer the day as they are standard BMX tyres and it would be daft to not have the right tyres on for the event that it is.

Before Trimming

After trimming with Tri Bars

This leaves the handlebars and the tri bars question? The handlebars are standard (if a little Old School) and I have had to cut them down in size to comply with the bike specifications in the rules. That's fine. The question is do I add tri bars? Or, more accurately, is it a modification too far and will I lose the essence of the challenge? I should be considering can I use them comfortably and effectively and do they make a positive difference? I understand they take some getting used to! Instead I am backwards and forwards over whether they belittle the challenge. The pros (subject to me being able to use them properly and my back being able to cope) are that they will help spread the weight which is currently massively spine loaded, they provide an extra position, they may improve my speed overall and they look ace! The cons are that they are hardly standard BMX issue and, essentially, do they make the challenge too easy? Am I cheating?

Its not a modification that fundamentally changes the BMX like a set of gears would. I can look on it as an addition rather than a modification cant I?

The question is of course redundant if I cant get on with them and I wont know the answer to that until I am cycling again after my thigh improves.129 days to Outlaw!

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