Friday, 22 May 2015

The biting off of an amount thats considered almost impossible to chew!

It's the 'almost' bit that gives us hope right?

Recently I have slacked - there are no excuses.

Finally started swimming and 3 coached sessions in I know I will be out the Outlaw water within 1 hour 20 minutes!

There has been a lack of running but running is less of an issue. I will run/crawl the marathon if I have too!

That just leaves the BMX. 112 miles of BMX! In 8 hours! It's all about the BMX!

This week I finally went long and constantly thought I'd bitten off more than I can chew with this challenge. Steady, maintained cadence is the key. Lose it and on a single speed it's very difficult to recover.

The stats were more positive thankfully. Whilst I tired towards the end the undulating route was twice as lumpy as Outlaw! There is still 9 weeks until I need to peak. 9 weeks to improve endurance. 9 weeks to improve on 72 miles at the magic 14 mph average. After all, 14 is the magic number!

Recovery has been quick, magic number hit, 9 weeks and 2 days to go. This challenge is on! It won't be pretty, it will push me to my limit, it will sting, but it's possibly chewable.

With the addition of The Horn of Overtakement the BMX is nearing completion! Fellow Outlaws, my only advice to you is to stay ahead of the horn!

You're almost certainly wondering 'why?'

If you watch the clip you'll perhaps now be wondering 'how can I help?'

or text OBMX99 £10 to 70070

Make a difference!

PS I use too many exclamation marks!!

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