Thursday, 15 December 2011

Idiot and insults!

What a twat! Hilariously whizzed out on bike this morning and nipped into bike shop to mention back brake and mudguard. Mudguard easy to adjust and sorted. Brake even easier - all that it needed was the quick release clip to be clipped back! I did look silly! I did think that at the time on my first outing but because i could see no clip (I am blaming the dark and the fact its slightly different to the front one I knew about) assumed it was something else. Anyway smashed (well dordled) another 8.5 miles. Ave speed 12mph. Based on that the cycle section alone of IM will take 9.5 hours!! I am loving this cycling mularky at the moment its brilliant. It is doing wonders for my verbal insult dictionary as one after another motorist gives me a nats knacker of room when they overtake. The decent ones get a thumbs up though! Really looking forward to London Marathon and Outlaw at the moment. Cant wait to tag a run onto a ride too! Hoping to squeeze a good 2 hour session in at weekend. Prob a nice 6am start!

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