Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Patience is a virtue...

..sadly not one I possess. I am itching to run - I can feel myself getting bigger and heavier and less fit and despite trying to watch my diet (thankyou @TakeaChallenge for the point to MyFitnessPal) and trying to keep mobile by walking the dog further each day its not the same as running, swimming and cycling BUT I have to counter the urge knowing that making a full recovery this side of Xmas is more important than rushing back to training too soon and jeopardising the whole thing! November was a month of inactivity - December will be a month of cycling (just getting my eye in) and easing back into running with a few steady short ones perhaps tagged onto the end of a ride (gotta get used to it afterall). I am waiting on the call (was gonna type 'just waiting' but and old English teacher claimed the word 'just' doesnt exist!) from the bike shop to say my bike is ready and my patience will be rewarded. The knees have been pain free for 10 days or so now which is a good sign and I am trying to get an earlier Dermatologist appointment so my face can get sorted and I can start swimming!! I've started following a few blogs from various members of my IMS (Ironman Support Team) for added inspiration and focus. @runner786 @paintedrunner @movingalong79 @robsavva - all prepping for Outlaw or running phenominal distances. My much better half, Mrs Brightside, is keeping me grounded in all of this and does well to remind me I have a family to think of. Her support is the lifeblood that will see me through this! My next post should be bike related and will hopefully involve some actual exercise. Be patient!

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  1. Your patience will pay off. A good recovery is important if you want good pain free training. Stick with it you will get there. X