Friday, 15 June 2012

Drill It In!

Back on a track. Thankfully my last negative post hasnt turned out to be my last pre Outlaw. I would have been very disappointed with myself had it turned out to be.
I didnt go 7 days without exercising as I squeezed in a mile swim in the pool. Some good work on speed and technique and my spirits were lifted.
Friday I managed a little 5 mile run up to Dosthill Quarry and back to check out the open water swimming facilities. Very impressive and so Saturday I got down there and had my first OW training session. It was only 800m (3000 less than Outlaw) but it was a great learning experience regarding the whole open water swimming mularky.....and I really enjoyed it. Not sure I have enjoyed a training session for a while.
Sunday and Monday passed with parties and life stuff without a chance to squeeze a session in. Tuesday saw me out on the MTB during lunch hour for a 12 mile spin and Wednesday a lovely 4 mile run with my much better half. I'd enjoyed the last 3 sessions and felt reasonably strong. The big test was of course Thursday.
I had become a little overwhelmed by the whole Outlaw experience I think and I had grown to dislike it I guess. It interferes with my family (as much as I try to make sure it doesnt) and I dont like that. Fortunately Mrs Brightside is a star whether she would admit to it or not and I have had loads of encouragement and help from you lot. Twitter friends FB friends, oh and of course actual real life in the flesh friends! @Madlot1, knowing my lack of preparation suggested I go out on the bike for a day. See what it is like being in the saddle for 8 hours regardless of speed time and distance so yesterday that is what I did. 8 hours out round Staffordshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Warwickshire. Here's Blythfield Resevoir near Abbots Bromley.

I stopped the watch each time I stopped to consult the map (thank God for Samsug Galaxy Maps bloody ace), have a snack or rest or to take a pic (I realise I won't be doing that on the day) hence the ride time is 6hrs 16 mins with actual moving time of 6hrs 6 mins (10 recognised by Garmin as when I am at a junction, lights etc etc). I managed 88 miles at 14.4 mph ave. Two huge plus points are the ave speed and the distance being closer than I thought I would get to the Outlaw 112. It was also as hilly as fuck and particularly around 60 - 70mph I died on my arse! This could be down to poor fueling. My SIS drinks and Lucozade are fine but it seems a Kit Kat, bag of Walkers, Yoghurt bar and a can of coke arent quite as refueling as having a gel every 45 mins! Nutrition/fuel I am working on to make sure I get off the bike ready to run!
Here's yesterdays jaunt and I tip my hat to you cycling bods. Credit to you 'cause it aint easy!
The route profile looks to be more taxing than Outlaw so if I can keep focused and keep steady and keep fueled I would be disappointed if I wasnt on the run by 10 hours in at Outlaw!
Last night my legs were shredded but after eating my bodyweight in chicken and bacon, a cold shower and a sleep I feel suprisingly good this morning. I have had a chat with coach Vann and a cyber chat with coach @JWUltra and as a result all seems to be falling into place. Even felt strong during a lunch hour 3 mile loosener of a run!
Dont get me wrong I am aware of my poor preparation and lack of training and that Outlaw is going to be a lot tougher than I could have made it but I will be ready. @ironholgs rightly pointed out there is nothing that can be done now other than maintaining fitness and starting fit. No risks required trying to regain sessions that are lost. As he put it (and I paraphrase) 'be ready and drill it in!'. I think I know what he means and i will be ready.
I got this quote sent to me by an old school chum today - 'Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.'
Thomas Jefferson

I dont normally like quotes but I did like this one (probably due to the sentiment and support intended). I heard Mark 'waste of space' Lawrenson commenting on the football the other night quoting 'there's no I in team'. My blood boiled but as I rode yesterday I convinced myself that there is no IF in 'Outlaw I am gonna fucking ave ya!'
Everyone is confident that I can do this - some have even suggested that I am Awesome ;-) On July 1st I believe I will be. Buckle up we're going in!

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