Saturday, 1 February 2014

#PEC Pacific Ocean!

We are slap bang in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! For 31 days of effort I think that is a pretty damn excellent achievement. I still want people to join in. We need more miles! Lots more miles! If we can get enough people involved we could get to the moon after we have blitzed the Equator. We may even make it to the moon and back (434,000 miles).

My previous post tells you all about how to join in and the Facebook group here has all the info you need

As for me well I am running. Running a lot. I have more than doubled my running miles as I attempt to run 2014 miles in 2014 ( I managed 800 odd in 2013 ) for Children with Cancer UK. I have done 145 miles in January so I am very happy with where I am at the moment. I will be Morphing The London Marathon this year for CWC UK and if you are inclined to sponsor me for these efforts you can simply send a text of MORF72 £5 to 70070. That's all you need to do. You can also pop to and donate there.

The best bit about VLM this year is that my much better half, Michelle, is also running it. It will be her first marathon. She has really attacked her training and we recently knocked out a 16 miler at 10 mins/mile pace. She has had to rest for a couple of weeks while she recovers from a foot injury but I am sure this will only serve to intensify her determination to tackle VLM. I must admit it has been a massive help to me to be able to train with Michelle and in our busy Kids led lives its nice to spend some quality time together!

That's it from me for now. Just in case you haven't been irritated/bored enough already by my daily update posts on the Poppyfields Equator Challenge here is a summary of our journey in month one!

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