Friday, 28 July 2017

Thoughts of an Outlaw Idiot

Running out of ideas
To raise a few quid
No Morph or BMX
" I'll do it proper " said Sid

January running well
But no swim or bike
10 milers each week
What's not to like?

After that though
Started to slack
Plan after plan
Pushed to the back

In the wink of an eye
In no time at all
A few days to go
To rise or to fall

In the car on the way
Tears sneak out
Cannot be helped
Layered in doubt

Nervous chatter
Support on the bank
Into the lake
What's in the tank

At this point
And the hooter sound
No more bravado
Strength to be found

Get stuck straight in
It's the only way
Make sure you breathe
Get into the fray

500 gone
Doing ok
This could get done
This could be Sid's day

600 gone
A smack in the eye
Stutter and swallow
No time to cry

700 gone
And back in the groove
A smile creeps in
Swimming smooth

Looking around
1000 in
Approaching the bouy
Loving the swim

After the bouys
Turn at the top
Head for the exit
Not gonna stop

Out of the lake
Stripped of the suit
PB in the bag
Feeling a brute

Take a moment
Don't think of the medal
Long way to go
112 to pedal

Only just started
My ass is in tatters
Fuck me this hurts
Already shattered

Up to the Southern
Try and stay steady
Gearing too low
Just not ready

Awesome Pirates
First pit stop
Grab a banana
Try not to drop

How long's this loop?
It's fuckin' miles
Need the last feed station
My aching piles

Finally off the Southern
Kit the other way
60 behind him
Mind starting to fray

That's where it starts
To slowly unravel
Hating the bike
Staring at gravel

Every section so long
Between the loops extended?
Darkness creeping in
Mind getting bended

Approaching the Bank
It's not even a hill
BMX did it easy
Need to find the will

To get the job done
The will to complete
Somehow do the bike
Get onto the feet

But Oxton's a struggle
Confidence shot
Over the top
Fuckin hell it's hot

Now it's a struggle
This is a fight
If it get's done
It will take all night

Back to the islands
Still no pace
Could turn right?
Retire with grace

A momentary joy
A wave from Mich
Supporters a plenty
Forget plan to ditch

Back on the Southern
Christ it's even longer
Now out of the saddle
Wish I was stronger

Finally out
But the gears are low
Back to Holme Pierrpont
Chronically slow

Past the big house
Cutting it fine
Turn for the entrance
Race to the line

4 minutes to spare
Didn't mean that to be
Into T2
Determination the key

Lucky to be here
Out on the run
Not sure how
Let's get it done

5 miles running
Energy low
Starting to walk
Moving slow

Run and a walk
Doesn't last long
Into the dark
Mind isn't strong

Back on the lake
Approaching halfway
And so it begins
Start to unravel
Digging in deep
Calling it in
No response
Nothing to give
Totally empty
Utterly fucked
Starting to panic
Search for Michelle
Pointed by Dutchy
Emotions released
Collapse in her arms
Tell her I'm out
Nothing to give
It's just too much

Sometimes it's a moment
A second in time
A show of belief
Return to the rhyme

The slightest thing
Can turn it around
Hug from Michelle
Blind belief abound

Starting to run
But doing it right
Lifting the feet
It will be done tonight

No longer doubt
Utter belief
Definite finish
Massive relief

Never a solo
Always a team
Mich and Heather
Run/walk dream

Approaching the finish
Kyle on the mic
Carpet is crowded
Run into the light

It's weird when it happens
Crossing the line
All the emotion
Out at one time

1200 before me
All of them ace
Best way to spend a Sunday
The Outlaw race

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