Monday, 10 July 2017

To blog or not to blog?

You know those text message clips doing the rounds of conversations where a sentence is started and then replaced? Welcome to my blog process. I simply can't clear my head with a blog but I really need to. I've no idea where this one is going. I need some clarity to get mentally right for Outlaw knowing that physically I am entirely under prepared. 13 days to go and this is me panic prepping.

That aside I am still committed to raising money for Birmingham Children's Hospital. This time I am not just asking you to sponsor me but to have a go on a sweep stake on my finish time. It's all explained in the following link but you could win free entry to Outlaw '18, free entry to the Birmingham marathon '17, a years membership at Lifestyle Fitness Tamworth, half a day sitting with Lee Bartlett at Underground Tattoo, a pair of Predator Flex Reactor Titanium Zoggs goggles, a jewellery voucher for The Little Silver Company and free entry into The Longhorn Ultra from SBR Events.

Take a look and perhaps have a go and perhaps share the details. Thank you.

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