Friday, 17 February 2012

Cycling Slackery

I've got a bike aversion going on at the moment and I am not happy about it! Should have been out on the bike last Sunday, Wednesday and today and I havent been. Its a mental issue so I have given myself a stern bollocking to sort myself out.
Fortunately whilst I have slacked on the bike front my running is going really well with each 'short' run providing faster and faster average times ( ) and a great 10 miler last week at a steady 9mins/mile. This improvement will be tested tomorrow morning with a 13 miler and I am really hoping to dip below 2 hours for it. (@JWUltra training programme means I have too!). The cycling (when I do it!) and swimming seem to be providing huge benefit to my running.
Training is all about getting started ie. getting my lazy arse out of bed and doing it! Thats why its so much easier to do with someone else because you know you're meeting them and you have no choice. If you're mentally weak like I can be at times you can easily cave in to the 'stay in bed' voices! This may well be the bike issue. I've always got Mr J, Mr P or Mr C to run with but cycling is not so simple. A big step to resolving my cycling slackery will take place Sunday morning with a planned 50 miler with Carl (its almost certainly gonna break me!) then as additional punishment I am going to hit the bike hard next week (despite the training schedule indicating a reduced week). I will reduce the running and swimming as the plan allows but maintain the cycling to ensure i am bang on track for the following week.
As ever its been a week of ups and downs, excitement and nerves. Outlaw never did reply to my query as to whether snorkels are allowed but many Outlaw vets on Twitter put my mind at rest regarding any swimming issues. Basically I just need to be at the front!
I will be able to eat my bodyweight in lard this weekend after a half marathon, 2000m in the pool and 50 miles on the bike and still come in under my weekly calorie limit. With that I will wish you all a good weekend of training, racing, families, takeaways, binge drinking, wife swapping, clay modelling or whatever you're up to.


  1. The bike bit is difficult. I am happy with my running and even my swimming but the bike bit is not happening. Hope your long run and bike go well thie weekend. Maybe we could be virtual cycling training partners to help get each other back on track.

  2. Sounds like a plan! Count me in.

  3. One thing I will say, don't chase missed can come back and bite you on the bum. Just accept you will not always be able to stick to the plan, but you will get there :)

  4. Thanks Amanda i will definitely bear that i mind.