Thursday, 23 February 2012

Got the Buzz back!

The thing is with this Ironman mularky, as ridiculous a challenge as it is, its all consuming for me. I think by the end of last week I was mentally exhausted by it. I think that caused some dispondency at some confidence issues especially regarding the bike. I need to learn to rest my brain from constantly thinking run this ride that and swim the other. I also need to cut out the bullshit! With that in mind I am going to refrain from saying I am going to do this and that on this day and instead confine my blog to what I have done! My last post - prior to the two marathon filers - i waffled on about how i was going to correct my cycling slackery (I failed to do as intended) and blast a lenghty run (failed on that score too).
So, instead, heres how it panned out and its actually all good! Sat I got up late again. I was bloody furious and so I ran 6 miles. I ran it angry because i was annoyed with myself which meant I was ill disciplined in my running - ridiculously it turned out to be my fastest 6 miler and first under 50mins! This was good and matters improved when a couple of hours later I had a really good swim session knocking out 2000m in a little over an hour. So running and swimming coming on nicely.
I didnt ride Sunday as I had planned and whilst I blamed a light smittering of snow and a bit of ice deep down I know I would have used any excuse. Why? I've no idea. Going into this week then, a reduced week in my Ironman plan I knew I needed to get back out on the bike. Monday then I had agreed with my new virtual training partner @paintedrunner that we would both do a 40 mins bike session with sprints. I get fantastic support from Twitter but I failed to do my bit. I owned up and between us we decided on a 16miler for Thursday instead (Lena had done the 40mins session btw- supremely focused).
Tuesday produced a faster still 6am 6 miler at moving ave pace of 8:08 per mile. Ran with @pdchadwick who makes it look so easy and never even breaks sweat. I dont think he even has to breathe! I was really pleased with this again but for the second run i was plagued with the stitch - gotta sort that out!
Wednesday I swim with my daughters swimming lesson and her coach is giving me some pointers. This is working out really well and I did a steady 1000m or so (i lost count a bit!).
So today......yep didnt get up in time to ride so instead I rode to work. 24 miles Tamworth to Coventry and what a buzz it was. 18 miles or so of lanes followed by a quick whizz around the ring road (that got the adrenaline going) and then last 3 miles up the A45. Bloody hell them 18 wheelers can scare the crap out of you but I think the fear and risk added to it. Some cracking hills to work on to and I was well pleased with it. Happy with the average moving speed and just happy to be back on the bike.
The return journey was just as much fun particularly getting through the centre of Cov before being back on the lanes. I was accompanied by an Angel all the way back as the sun began to set and I had the Jimi Hendrix track of the same name going around my head all the way. No gear issues either way and I used them all and hit them hard which was a relief. The upshot is that I have definitely got my cycling buzz back. I will not be slacking from the bike again!
Great support as always answering my daft questions and offering encouragement on Twitter & FB from @JWUltra @scotlassruns @melliemelc @ironjack35 @tj1974 @xox_joanna_xox @teamb_o_b @dazhalfpenny @movingalong79 and the rest of you!
I am off to Twickenham on Saturday to watch England stuff it up the Welsh but I do have the odd training session planned. Details to follow.....

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  1. You sound so much more positive. Well done. Dont beat yourself up when it occasionally is to difficult to follow your plan, alter it. Its ok. Youre human so change is inevitable plans should not be set in stone.
    So glad you have the buzz back.