Monday, 6 February 2012

There May Be Trouble Ahead

If my blog is warts and all that means everything goes in right? Problem with that added to a once a week update is very long posts! I barely stay awake typing them so no idea how any of you get to read one all the way through!
Last week was my first week of my 22 week IM plan and was 10 hours of all 3 elements! The Biopsy on Monday meant the 3 swim sessions were cancelled! The bike sessions were cut midway through session No 2 when my fucking gears started jumping again and despite them being sorted at the shop (I am again assured it was a minor adjustment to the gear cable required after a week of wearing the new one in) the snow that then fell Saturday cancelled cycling session No3 on Sunday. So that left running! Thank god for running. Two really good 6am 6 milers Tue and Thu with ave speed down around 8:30 mins/mile. I failed again to get my arse out of bed for Saturdays 10 miler. No excuses sometimes I am a twat to myself and make things harder than they are. Someone did say to me always take a chance to exercise as you never know what might come up that ruins a planned session. It also dawned on me that the only way I will do myself credit at Outlaw is to give this 100%. Its not even so much about July 1st, its about giving 100% in preparation and being true to myself. So having missed the Sat run the snow then fell! I had spent Saturday alternating between decorating the kitchen (god do i hate decorating) and slamming my fingers in drawers as punishment for laziness. As I hit the sack Sat I had pretty much written off Week 1 with a plan to hit Week 2 very hard and get on track!
Before going to sleep I spent a good hour in the church of U2 cleansing my mind and soul with the preachings Bono. If you're on FB you will have been bombarded with the youtube links. I wont put them all on here but this one is a fine example It must be great to follow a faith and have something you entirely believe in no matter how implausible it may be. I've never been a believer in religion, reincarnation, ghosts, spirits etc etc. I've always rejected religion as nonsense for the insecure. After all it is entirely nonsense in my opinion but you can kind of see the benefits of being immersed in it. My much better half is more open minded particularly regarding spirits (not the 40% proof ones!) and likes to tie things together. It is of course always explainable by coinsidence but I will admit to it being on my mind that my mom appeared to me in a dream recently (such occurances are becoming sadly more and more rare) and then just days later the dreaded C word is mentioned regarding my face. Make of it what you will but an hour of U2 quality kind of eased my mind.
So Sunday morning brought with it 6" deep fresh snow. I have to walk Stanley anyway (choc lab/springer cross) so I thought sod it I'll take him for a run. Never tried it before but he was brilliant. Never strayed, didnt make me keep stopping and only got in the way occasionally. I thought I would just jog around the block a couple of times with him but ended up running up the canal (difficult to tell where path ended and canal began in some places) to Hopwas Woods, through the woods and back. It was just over 7 miles and slow because of the snow but it was so much fun! I can see where the buzz is for Ultra all terrain runners like @runner786 (speedy shoulder recovery btw) and @leepeyton (wow) and @takeachallenge and multiple marathon runners like @ajh1269 (4 in 4 and 10 in 10!) I felt like I could have kept running and running and running (of course weekends with kids doesnt allow that). Only slipped 2 or 3 times and never actually hit the deck. Felt strong and was glad that whilst Week 1 hadnt gone to plan it had ended on a high and I had a new training partner!
A big thank you to Mrs Brightside for her unflinching support and everyone who sent messages of support and encouragement. I'll keep everone posted on C watch but nothing is likely to happen until Week 5 and biopsy results. Boring run this ride that swim t'other posts until then.
Final thankyou to @dazhalfpenny for getting us in touch with a contact at AVFC who have now provided a decent Ball prize for the Poppyfields Ball taking place at Drayton Manor March 31st. I should say it is fancy dress with an Olympic theme. £25 pp incl 2 course meal, auction, raffle, The Take That Experience, loads of laughs and all the money raised on the night goes to Birmingham Childrens Hospital and their research into child brain tumours. Let me know if you want to come whether just a couple of you or a table of 12 I'll make sure you're looked after.

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