Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Specsavers - The Dogs!

Where am I? Week 3 of a rolling 4 weekly increase cycle of 10% each week. Does that make sense? Week One 600mins - Week Two 660 mins - Week Three 730 mins - Week Four 50% of week three. Anyway I'm 300 miles towards 2012 in 2012 after this mornings fast (for me) 50:24 10k run. Added to Saturdays brilliantly enjoyable -8 degree 10 miler at 9 mins/mile. I was very happy with this being my first run into double figures since Liverpool Marathon Oct 2011 and subsequent knee problems. No sign of any problems other than my lucozade sport froze! Added to the swimming from last week including Fridays 49min 1500m and a vastly improved stroke following Wednesdays coaching session, I'm happy. Unfortunately I've not been out on the bike for over a week. I blamed snow initially which was fair but since then I've let myself down by just not getting up and out on it! I aim to correct this situation with 3 brilliant rides this week starting tomorrow morning! Cant let myself down - too much effort invested already! Gonna be a tough week from here on in (complicated by the fact my lunchtime swim couldnt take place because half term meant the pool was full!!! Grrrrr!!) but I am really looking forward to it!
Aiming to end the blog on a high let me tell you about Specsavers. I wandered into Specsavers Tamworth on Friday night. Asked if they did prescription goggles and they do. My father in law (Poppy's grandad) asked if they'd do them for free because the Ironman (and VLM) are for Poppyfields/B'ham Childrens Hospital. Specsavers have supported us in the past with their staff wearing silly socks on silly socks day and a few other things. I then get a call on Saturday asking me to come in for a meeting. They are looking to fund my goggles, glasses for the bike and run and any other kit I need (tri suit, trainers, running vest, whatever) as long as I carry their logo. Fair swap no robbery I am very happy with that. It's brilliant as I self fund the challenges. Should have gone to Specsavers - I'm bloody glad I did!


  1. Sid thats great news! Both training and sponsorship. Hurray for FinL!

    Even more motivation for the training now I suspect?!

    Well done anyroad mate and keep on keeping on!

  2. Great news on the training and sponsorship. Get youself out on the bike tomorrow and you ll wonder why you put it off. Well done