Saturday, 10 March 2012

Old School!

I am going to moan - cant do a lot else at the moment. I am then not going to moan again until this journey is complete.
I am sidelined completely at the moment. A week that should have involved 4 hours of running,6 hours of cycling and 2 hours of swimming has involved 45 mins of running and thats it! My body has broken. It clearly needs a rest regardless of what I know I need to be doing to be ready for VLM in 6 weeks and Outlaw Ironman in 16 weeks! It is broken as follows:-
1) Left ankle sprained (no idea how) - cant run!
2) Left thigh strained (again no idea how) - cant run or ride!
3) Knees painful similar to the sidelining over Christmas - cant run!
4) Lower back aching long term condition and manageable - painful cycle!
5) Upper back pulled muscles yesterday lifting a chair! - cant run or ride or swim!
6) Basal Cell Carsinoma (skin cancer) being treated on face open wound hurts while running and unpleasant and on my mind whils swimming (bloody stings after too!) - putting me off swimming!
7) Ridiculously seem to have suffered a tendon/ligament injury in first finger swollen and annoying.
8) Mouth ulcer - sure sign the body is struggling!
The plan is to rest the back and thigh until the muscles have settled and then hit the pool and bike like a madman and race back to full fighting fitness. Stay off the running until the ankle is fully recovered and hope the general fitness from bike and swim and the base of two marathons last year can see me through VLM and then be as good as I can be in prep for Outlaw. The face can just sting because the treatment is 6weeks (i am 2 in so far) so i have no time to avoid the pool! The longstanding back can be coped with. In my teens I managed it with Deep Heat! Tons of the stuff. Just soaked my back in it. Old school style. My first smell of it for 20 odd years and it blasted me straight back to the rugby changing room of the late 80's. Many a day then would have been easier for me had I not gone out to play. Even now I may have benefitted from making such a decision back then. However, now as then, I have no intention of not going out to play. The game is Outlaw and i will be in the starting XV!
Be back soon kids so play nice!

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  1. Oh dear. Time off definately called for. Hope you are playing our crazy game soon. Look after yourself partner x