Thursday, 1 March 2012


Energized by my 48 mile cycle commute last Thursday I rested Friday and arranged a 7.5 mile cross country run with #TNSG (the not so gorgeous I think) Saturday morning. I met @JWUltra @Madlot1 @Jules_perox at Sutton Park at 6am! Brilliant run around the park, plenty left in the tank and a not too shabby 9 mins/mile pace anyway! Really enjoyed the run and great to not be running on the road for a change. Great company (although I think they may have taken it a bit easy on me for my first outing!) and picked up a few nuggets of info for Outlaw. I am struggling somewhat to shrug off some horrific mental images regarding @JWUltra's bathing habits but my councellor thinks that with time I should be ok.
After the run I drove to Twickenham for my first ever International rugby match. Brilliant day of brilliant hospitality, fantastic atmosphere, great game (save for the result) and I got to say hello to a couple of England Rugby players. Got a programme signed by Simon Shaw for the Poppyfields Ball! It was of course emotionally draining. I tend to put to much emotional stake into Englands rugby matches and the last 5 minutes I became an emotional wreck. From where I was sat, 7 rows from the very top of Twickenham about a mile above the pitch, I can say with absolute certainty that Englands last second try was definitely a try! England can be proud in defeat, they gave it their all and I'll be hijacking some of that pride and effort for Outlaw.
Sunday morning I was out on the bike with my previous running coach now soone to be triathlete @johnsupermole Unfortunately he has transferred his running skills to the bike effortlessly. The upshot of this (only his second outing on the bike) was that he pushed me really hard and we clocked 20 miles at 16.2 mph average. Easily my fastest ride. We tagged on a 6 mile run too and it was a relief to me that I found it comfortable and that I had plenty in the tank.
Monday was lurgy day. Consultant confirmed it is Low Grade Basel Cell Carcinoma and as its on the surface he thinks 6 weeks of cream should clear it up. If it doesnt they will cut it out but he seemed confident. He was clear that it is not something that can spread to other parts of the body. Also the treatment won't interrupt training!
This lead on nicely to a 5 mile lunchtime run on Tuesday, a 10 mile cycle Wednesday morning and a mile swim Wednesday night in my new Specsavers prescription goggles. What a difference they made. I can now see when swimming and they dont mist up. Nailed a mile in 45 minutes and got some great swim tips off an Ironman veteran!
Thats all for now as each day I seem to have less and less time. As ever fantastic support from everyone particularly my virtual training partners @movingalong79 @ogdenrunner @paintedrunner and many more and of course the rock that is Mrs Brightside!


  1. Its great to get off the tarmac sometimes aint it? Glad you enjoyed it, come back soon!

  2. Definitely. stan coming next time too.