Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Walking Dead & Early Taper?

I keep catching a whiff of something gross. Its a sweet rotting type smell and particularly today I keep catching it. It appears its me - more accurately its the smell of Protein oozing from my face as the Imiquimod cream attacks the Basal Cell Carsinoma. Nice eh? It stings and oozes and the doc has reassured me that it is working. 3.5 weeks of treatment to go so 3.5 weeks of looking not to disimilar to a freshly turned corpse in The Walking Dead. Probably smell like one too!
After my moan of a last post I'll stick with the positives from now on. I caught up on The Walking Dead yesterday as I am currently bored rigid at home unable to move about too much due to my back injury. Its a brilliant series as I love post apocolyptic stuff. I love the desolation of a wiped out world. The great thing about Zombie type movies, apart from some of the updated versions, is the way an able bodied person cannot outrun, sidestep, jump over the broken, dismembered, rotting corpse of the fumbling, bumbling undead dead! It was good to catch up on the series and I was glad I had some recorded because the other offerings on daytime TV are a perfect example of why this country has problems.
Positive news from my doc visit yesterday is that the back problem is muscular - nothing as serious as a damaged, herniated or burst disc. Anti inflammatories may help and 2 weeks of rest should see an end to it. More positive news is that the enforced rest will aid the ankle ligaments that have been causing a problem and when i return to running if I take it steady and wear a support I should be ok. Even more positive news is that the 2 lumps under the skin just near to my jaw hinge are nothing sinister and are just a reaction to the body being under stress from the lurgy and its treatment.
Granted I have had to alter my VLM training schedule as it looks like I wont be able to train until about 3 weeks before the race. Similarly it knocks completely out of shape my Outlaw IM preperations. It looks like I will now be getting marathon fit from 10 miles in 3 weeks and Outlaw fit from 1 mile swim,45 bike,10 run in 13 weeks or so. My new and brilliant plan introduces the early Taper! Now you might not find Chrissie Wellington or the Brownlee brothers banging on about this plan, indeed I dont think Paula Ratcliffe or Scott Overall use it but needs must. My 1 week of marathon taper pre VLM and 2 weeks of IM taper pre Outlaw are being taken now! Genius right? 3 weeks without training and body rested ready for 13 weeks of graft!
I am still confident I will Ironman on July 1st. The challenge just became a little tougher making the prize for success that little bit shinier.

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  1. The next few days will speed by and youll be back training in no time. I have faith in you. VLM and Outlaw are no match for you x