Saturday, 21 January 2012

Lunchtimes, minutes and Beirut!

The week hasnt quite gone to plan with me failing to get up on any morning and run or ride - boo. Ridewise I'm not too worried as my real plan doesnt kick in for another week and i am having my gears upgraded Monday - yay! (it was supposed to be today but they were too busy - boo!). Tuesday 6am run with my run coach team @pdchadwick @johnsupermole @grjolly didnt happen because I was too lazy and blamed not having enough sleep - boo! I was so incenced with myself I took my running kit to work and ran a 5 mile loop at lunchtime. It was only my second run since Nov 1st and it went really well -yay! Felt strong and comfortable and no ill effects - yay! During the run i stopped to let a car pull out of a junction - the car was clearly owned by some Coventry wannabe gangsta blood or crip types - you know the type - no insurance - no tax - no MOT - Honda with Subaru bodykit - and 4 sets of bloodshot eyes peering through the cloud of marajuana smoke - I got a skunk high as they drove past - boo! The area i was told by colleagues on my return is very rough and is perhaps why the police travel in convoy and you can only walk down the street if you're carrying a can of Tennants Super or White Lightening - this did at least help with my pace which i was pleased with - yay! Here is the run which is now my lunchtime 'need to squeeze a run in' 5 miler I did this again on thursday too so the week hasnt been wasted.
Wierdly this week I have had a couple of confidence issues, some moments of extreme anxiety (which sometimes cross my path) and two mornings when i have woken up quite sad because I've had a 'real' dream where i have been with my mom, only to wake to the reality it was a dream! Such 'real' dreams are becoming so rare it quite suprised me! The anxiety and confidence issues were ridiculous and my personal fury at myself was vented through the runs!
I've spent each non running lunch sorting out my VLM and IM training plan. I went initially for a build build build miles based plan but after very helpful advice from @JWUltra and coach John Vann I've revised it to a time based build, reduce, build, reduce in 4 weekly waves plan. I like the look of it now and with some inspirational reads of several blogs and IM stories my confidence in all of this is still high. Stick to the simple an effective plan and I will Im on July 1st.
Ridiculously as i am only planning to enjoy VLM not race for a PB I am actually thinking of doing it in the Poppyfields Morphsuit which hasnt had an airing since the Birmingham Half Marathon Oct2010. It was hard to run in but i may only get one run in the VLM and I need to maximise fundraising. If my technical failings dont overcome me there will be a pic on the end (or start) of this post.
I've eaten my bodyweight in crap today so i have a 35 miler mapped around the country lanes of Tamworth, Whittington, Fradley, Overseal, Newton Regis for tomorrow at 7am. Quick thanks for all the advice and support especially from the tweetworld particularly @movingalong79 @mcjeebus @jaymcneill @madlot1 @paulb0lt0n @m_bacardi @iamrockjo @gazmanmeister and of course Mrs Brightside.

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