Thursday, 12 January 2012

Oh the shame!

Well, tuesday my alarm went off at 5.15am for me to go for a run. My first since Nov 1st due to knee problem. I pressed Snooze. It went off again at 5.25am. I pressed Snooze. By 6.35am I reset the alarm for 7.15am and angrily resigned myself to being a fat lazy bastard. I justified/consoled myself on the basis that I can still be on schedule by doing my first ever brick session Wednesday and mapped a cycle and run route. Wednesday morning my alarm went off at 5.15am and I jumped up and flew out of bed ready to take on the world...........well not quite. I pressed Snooze! Aaaaaarghhhh! By the time I actually got up I was fuming with myself. Propper effed off with me! So I dropped the kids off at school, rang the boss and booked a day off work. Had a bowl of porridge and set off on my bike.
16.5 miles of sunshine, country lanes, peace and tranquility. Felt I was slow throughout despite seeming to be in higher? (harder) gears than before. Do gears get higher the harder they are or lower? I never know. Anyway I was well chuffed to get home with an ave moving speed of 15.7 mph. Easily my fastest ride. There was a slight 'incident' of regret on the ride however. As I slingshotted (is that a word) around an island onto a short stretch of dual carriageway I was extremely pleased with myself to be overtaking a line of cars in the inside lane. I powered on and smiled at the occupants with a high degree of smugness. This was unfortunately short lived as the line of cars I was overtaking, with the quite miserable faced occupants, were following a hearse! With a look of shame and shock I did my best to dock my hat/helmet in a solemn show of respect to the immediate family car at the front and the hearse driver. I think I need to be looking ahead of myself a bit further!
I parked the bike in the garage and quickly changed out of the padded cycling shorts and into my running shorts and trainers. Swig of Tropical Lucozade Sport which isnt that nice but when my brother in law gets them at 50p a bottle as he works for a wholeseller and they expire in feb I cant complain can I? I click the Garmin to 'running' mode and off i go. Now, I wasnt quite sure what to expect. Would the knee be ok?, can I still run?, will it be easier having already cycled for an hour? It was a Yes, Just and an Unsure in response. First couple of miles were wierdly out of body like in that my legs didnt really feel like they were my own. During the last 1.5 miles however I felt really good, in my stride and strong. This coincided with a fundraising idea to get people to sponsor me. The plan is to run a sweepstake on my VLM finish time. People sponsor me a sum, say £5, get to pick a time and the nearest to my finish time wins £50. I'll put the £50 up myself and the sponsorship all goes to the cause through justgiving! What do you reckon. Support a cause and have a chance of winning some cash! I may need to run with a dictaphone in hand cause I have all my best ideas when out and forget most of them by the time I am back. Anyway there seems to have been no ill effects with the knee and overall I really enjoyed running again.The run came in at a respectable and pleasing 9.08 minutes per mile which I was really pleased with considering.
So my first brick session is complete. Another planned for tomorrow and by combining the ride and run I have stayed on track despite my annoying tendancy to ignore my alarm! I'm 91 miles into 2012 for 2012 (I think) Can I IM? You know I still think I can!

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