Thursday, 5 January 2012

T minus 15 & 25 weeks!

From Sunday 8th January its 15 weeks to VLM and 25 weeks to Outlaw IM! Blimey! I've planned 356 miles of run training over the 15 week period with the goal of 'enjoying' VLM rather than racing it. Does that make sense? The ultimate aim is to be primed and ready to tackle the Outlaw IM in July! I have so far clocked up only 145 miles on my bike since getting it mid Dec. I've planned 2155 miles of training over the next 25 weeks to Outlaw. With my current plans it leaves me about 8 seconds per day 'spare' to go from Red swimming badge circa 1977 to 2.5 mile open water swimmer. My plan is all about technique for the swim, miles on the bike and strength left over for the run. I've kind of got 2012 miles for 2012 in my head following a nudge from Captain Duggan @sharonjduggan . In theory it should be a breeze and in the bag by half way into 2012! I should be following loads of blogs but my technophobia means its unclear as to whether I am or not (believe me I have tried). A few worth a look belong to @runner786 @donna-de @robsavva @movingalong79 @ajh1269 @lisalynch - most of them are challenge based and Lisa's is just an indescribable mesmeric honest harsh stare at reality! She reminds me so much of my mom its uncanny - worth a read - all of them! So 2012 kicked off with a 21 miler on the bike on a dark Monday morning with Coach John Vann (Outlaw IM 2011). Great tips and observations particularly with gearing and tyre pressure (he was coasting downhill faster than I could pedal due to my tyres having dropped to 50psi and his at 120psi! Mine now back to 90psi). Note to self: must buy tyre pump and check each time I go out. Got a 20 miler planned for tomorrow morning at 5.30am then a 30-35 miler Sunday morning. Next week ie first week of the countdown will involve tagging runs onto rides. Brick sessions apparantly. Looking forward to it! Loving my #IMS twitter team. Hope you're with me for the full ride!

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