Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Bricks and Lurgy!

Well what a few days! I ate my body weight in Curry on Friday night and failed to get up for my run saturday morning. The curry was with Carl (who I would be riding with on Sun and Brian who is Poppy's dad. I stayed on the water and was asked why I am doing the Ironman and if I fancy a Strongbow at all. I dont fancy a drink in the slightest and I'm doing it not only to raise money for Poppy Fields but to be a better man. Time will tell as to whether it works. I compounded my annoyance with myself by having a cooked buffet breakfast (£8 for four of us to eat as much as we like.....I know! it would have been rude not too!) which took me over my weekly calorie intake target still with a day and a half to go! I picked up my bike from the shop with another upgraded set of gears on it with assurances from the guys that they had both tested them thoroughly and they now seemed to be fine! I then mapped a 35 miler for sun morning and added a 3.5 mile run at the end to make up for not running sat.
It was chuffing freezing at 6.30am Sunday when Carl and I went out. The gears seemed fine as i took it steady and made sure I eased off when changing, my new light was great so the streetlightless lanes were no problem and other than my right foot I was warm enough with my several layers. The ride was great with some good hills which I tried again to attack and maintain momentum. Had to stop to take a picture of this sunrise though. Never seen anything like it. Always makes me happy to see the sunrise knowing I'm out training whilst others waste the best part of the day in bed!

Carl of course powers ahead as usual then waits for me to catch up. All my training so far, running and cycling, has been with people faster than me. This is a good thing right? It makes me push rather than resting on my laurels if the situation was reversed. A Snickers mid way again provided for a great boost and I felt good completing the 36 miles. 14.9 mph ave. http://connect.garmin.com/activity/146113131
As I hopped off my bike and shed the leggings and clip ons for my shorts and trainers I noticed I couldnt feel my right foot. It seemed to be from the cold but felt like it was asleep. The first part of the run (at least 1.5 miles) was run without any feeling. I guessed that if i run normally I wont do any harm even if I cant feel it and as the feeling crept back in everything seemed fine. the last couple of miles felt really good and I felt strong. 8:50 mins per mile average so well happy. I am beginning to love brick sessions. The different muscles used and the test on the mind it provides. They're ace! It was only a short run but I was pleased. http://connect.garmin.com/activity/146113134
Sundays exploits easily meant I nearly wiped off Saturdays excesses on the calorie front with me finishing the week 53 calories over my target weekly intake which I thought was alright.
Now Monday I had a Dermatologist appointment to sort out my face lurgy that has plagued me for 2 years. His first impression is that it is a low grade skin cancer (he stressed the low gradeness of it). Biopsy to confirm (it was like listening to Dr Gregory House - well it was in my head anyway) so they cut a bit off and I find out in 4 weeks. Cancer is a worry obviously whether its 'low grade' or 'you're fucked'. The Consultant says its nothing to worry about so I assume they can sort it. It does make you think though what with Cancer killing my mom when she was 38. I'm 40 in May and I suppose I have always wondered when it would come to me. Its not serious - or even confirmed yet - so I'm not going to worry. Mrs Brightside does all the worrying for both of us but I am sure it will turn out fine.

In the meantime it means todays swim is cancelled, so is Thursdays with the revised plan to be in the pool this weekend after stitches out on Friday.
I did however get up for a 6am 6 miler this morning with a new fastest mile of 8:10 for @LBMagicMile and an average of 8:38 per mile. Very happy with this and down to running with coaches @grjolley and @pdchadwick again! http://connect.garmin.com/activity/146113120
Thats where I am at the start of my official 22 week plan. Can I Ironman - I cannot find any reason why not!

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