Friday, 27 January 2012

Twisted Nuts!

The fear for any male runner is surely the twisted nut. Fortunately my collection of running pants have kept me safe for the past 18 months since I started this exercising mularky! After the gear debacle of Wednesday I again failed to get up for my 6am 5 miler yesterday. Instead, in a bit of a rush too, I brought my running gear to work for a lunchtime run to keep me on track. I'd grabbed my original trainers, purchased July 2010 for the Birmingham Half Marathon, as my current battle weary trainers are suffering veterans of all my 2011 running including the two marathons I did. I had a wry smile as I took them out of my bag to change because I deliberately kept the B'ham Half timing chip on the laces to remind me just how difficult that run was and how I was always going to be able to complete my challenges no matter how tough they may be at the time! My wry smile was unfortunately replaced with a typical Taurean instant loss of temper with myself when I realised that in my rush I had forgotten my running pants. So, do I not run today and use this as a 'valid' excuse or do I run in the boxers and go commando for the afternoon. After a couple of minutes of pulling up, pulling down and support checking (they provide very little) I decided to risk a run. Afterall the risk of a twisted nad from one 5 miler must be slim surely. As an aside I was horrified to be told by my step brother in law that my step sister runs with no knick knocks at all and oftern stops for a poo when out running!!! What? Please tell me this is not common practice.
Anyway, the run went well in glorious sunshine through the marajuana streets of Willenhall/Beirut dodging the drug dealers/takers/makers, the hostel absconders and the 'Fat Slags' taking up the pavement as they wolf their lunchtime kebabs whilst keeping their fags and Tennants on the go! 5 miles in 43:56 which is 6.9mph ave so under 9 mins a mile. Knees felt fine and I felt strong. The nads survived without a twist but I hope to not take that risk again. A commando afternoon sat at my desk with a sweat on isn't the best but far preferable to the annoyance I would have had with myself had I taken the easy option and not gone at all.
I'm now 195 miles into 2012 for 2012, Ive logged my fastest mile split with @lbmagicmile at 8:20. Ive had my stage confirmation for @jogle2012relay (stage 14 Cannock to Worcester 11:40pm start time 42 mile run) which is all really good and exciting. I start introducing swimming into my training next week and I will hopefully have my bike back all perfect any day now for a long blast Sun in prep for the start of my 22 week IM plan on Tuesday. Stay with me its gonna get bumpy.

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